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Top 5 Geeky Fashion Inspirations for 2015

Top 5 Geeky Fashion Inspirations for 2015

Whether you’re creating a look, you’re cosplaying, or dabbling in everyday cosplay, 2015 has been full of amazing sources of geeky fashion inspiration. While narrowing down my favorite looks of the entire year is pretty tough, I broke it down into 5 particular styles, and highlighted the best source of geeky inspiration for each personal style: classic and classy, cute and colorful, simple and stylish, sleek and sexy, and comfy and carefree.

Classic and Classy Style: James Bond

I mean, is there anything more classic than James Bond? With the release of Spectre, 007 was back in the center of geek and pop culture this year. Bond is known for a lot of things, but one of the key aspects to Bond is his killer style. While it’s just not practical to wear a suit or a tux every day, his classic, classy style can definitely be translated into a more everyday look. Bonus points for ordering every beverage “shaken not stirred” while wearing Bond everyday cosplay.

Everyday James Bond


Cute and Colorful Style: Joy and Sadness

Pixar managed to mess with our emotions again this year with their latest movie, Inside Out, a story that is, incidentally, about emotions. While there were several great characters that we met on Inside Out like Disgust, Anger, and *stifles sob* Bing Bong, Joy and Sadness proved to be the unlikely team that won our hearts, proving that both are so important in a person’s life. Bring that carefree style of Joy and a bit of the blues from Sadness in this cute and colorful  everyday cosplay look.


Everyday Joy and Sadness


Simple and Stylish: Ant-Man

Ant-Man’s style–both the superhero and the man behind the mask, Scott Lang–is pretty low-stress, but it’s clear that there’s at least been a bit of effort put forth to be stylish. This look is an easy one to emulate, and won’t have you slogging through your day in anything uncomfortable. Much like Ant-Man himself, this look is a smaller look that packs a powerful style punch.

Everyday Ant-Man


Sleek and Sexy: Wonder Woman

While we still haven’t gotten to see Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, we got lots of great glimpses of her in the various Batman vs. Superman trailers released this year. People have been quite fascinated by Wonder Woman’s look, as she’s clearly channeling the comic book hero with a bit of a sleek and sexy twist. Her outfit is quite different from what we’ve seen from the other female superheroes out right now in Supergirl and Jessica Jones, and is the perfect source of geeky inspiration for anyone looking to add some sleek, sexy looks to their wardrobe.

Everyday Woman


Comfy and Carefree: Jessica Jones

Speaking of female superheroes, Jessica Jones’ look has also been pretty iconic this year. Though I don’t think I’d call Jessica herself carefree, her look definitely is. Comfort and easy-going style is the priority here, and she manages to pull together some pretty rad outfits without trying. Her look has inspired geeky fashionistas all over who love the comfy look. Even Krysten Ritter, the actress who plays Jessica, has mentioned how much she loves Jessica’s wardrobe. Just watch out for dudes in purple that look like former Time Lords when you’re in this outfit…

Everyday Jessica Jones


What were your sources of geeky fashion inspiration this year? Let me know in the comments!

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