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Top 5 Elder Scrolls Vacation Spots

Top 5 Elder Scrolls Vacation Spots

Ah Tamriel, land of raging deserts, breathtaking volcanoes, misty lakes and mushrooms the size of mountains. For a nature lover, Tamriel is a place of wonder, where one can lose oneself for hours picking nirnroot or scavenging maple. For scholars or budding architects, the cities hold vast libraries and towering… towers.

With more than fifteen provinces to choose from (including harsh Skyrim, of Dragonborn fame), picking just the right spot for your next vacation can be a bit of a head-scratcher. So I’ve created a guide to the top 5 best vacation spots you’ll find in The Elder Scrolls Online!

5) City of Daggerfall in the province of High Rock, Gelumbra

If you like: waterfalls, castles and quaint villages. Watch out for: werewolves, zombies, evil plants and assassins.

Daggerfall is a lovely city full of quaint alleyways, a breathtaking castle and just enough secrets for a wild romp. With a robust trade district and inns of every sort, there’s plenty of shopping to be done and drinking to enjoy, but bring an umbrella! The weather in Gelumbra has been absolutely terrible lately.

4) Bal Foyen in the Stonefalls region of Morrowind

If you like: mountains, giant fungi and the thrill of danger. Watch out for: mountains, angry netch and the thrill of danger.

Bal Foyen is strangely beautiful and beautifully strange. Be sure to use the local benediction “Stay moist” to your friendly locals! The giant fungi are astonishing and strangely enchanting, while the adorable, yet dangerous wildlife will give you a taste of adventure. Take a tour of the plantations to learn about Argonian history. But be warned: this vacation isn’t for the pampered, as most of Bal Foyen is full of ash and mud.

3) Eldenroot in Grahtwood

If you like: tree-houses, nature, the great outdoors. Watch out for: crocodiles, the surrounding swamp.

Eldenroot is the perfect romantic getaway for the couple that loves adventure, fairy tales and whimsy. “Rough it” in the woods without actually sacrificing any amenities. Stare out in wonder over the canopy as you relax in a pod high above the ground or head into the city in the trunk of the largest tree in the world. Be sure to bring bugspray though! And a sword for the crocodiles.

2) Mournhold in Deshaan, Morrowind

If you like: cathedrals, books, knowledge. Watch out for: bugs. Giant, flying bugs.

Mournhold is home to The Tribunal Temple, a massive structure with something for the whole family to enjoy. For beauty and books to soothe your soul, try Almalexia’s wing of the temple. If poetry and art are more your style, Vivec’s section will delight. And for that grubby child that can’t keep from dismantling clocks and other technology, a trip to Sotha Sil’s wing will keep them busy for hours. Hopefully breaking his things, instead of yours.

1) Vulkhel Guard on Auridon in the Summerset Isles

If you like: nature, beauty, peace and the sea. Watch out for: pompous Altmer.

How could a city on Auridon be anything but number one on this list? The Jewel of Summerset is full of many-colored flowers, happy faces and, in Vulkhel Guard, the crisp salt air of the sea. With peaceful temple acolytes, charmingly beautiful citizens and an air of adventure, Vulkhel Guard is number one on my list of must-see vacation destinations.

Planning on visiting these locations, or have another beautiful vacation spot to suggest? Leave a comment below!

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Sarah “TheRebel” Rodriguez is the editor-in-chief of, an all-female-run geek and gaming website. Catch her on Twitter!

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