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Top 10 Reasons Steven Spielberg is Ready for Ready Player One

Top 10 Reasons Steven Spielberg is Ready for Ready Player One

Steven Spielberg is pretty much the biggest name in Hollywood. He’s also slated to direct the movie version of Ernest Cline’s MMORPG-centric sci-fi novel Ready Player One, beating out Robert Zemekis and Christopher Nolan amongst others for the honor, if the rumors are true.

The thing is, of the 149 movies Spielberg has been a part of, “only” 54 have had him in the director’s chair. Poltergeist, Gremlins, Goonies, Back to the Future, Men in Black, and Super 8 all fall under the purview of other (awesome) directors. Eliminating projects he produced but didn’t direct, we’re still left with a crazy-impressive directorial resume. Here, for the yet-to-be convinced, are our top ten reasons to expect the best from Steven Spielberg:

10. The BFG Proof positive that Spielberg is still cranking out family-friendly classics that inspire usjust like his earlier work did OASIS creator James Halliday.

9. War of The Worlds Iconic sci-fi material, ridiculous odds, and a story that keeps your heart pounding all the way to the end. There are
worse comparisons to be made.
0 War of the Worlds

8. A. I. Artificial Intelligence While it can’t exactly be called Spielberg’s opus, this treatment of the Kubric classic certainly shows that he and Warner Brothers can do right by great material.

7. Catch Me If You Can One man, fueled by an escapist mentality, evades the powers that be in search of millions. I think that rings a bell. Do you concur?
2 Catch me

6. Hook Peter Banning is kind of a douche in the real world, but once he’s hurled into Neverland, he finds he’s more at home with adventure than he could ever have imagined. Can Spielberg do Peter Pan stories? Hell yeah, he can.
4 Hook

5. Saving Private Ryan As quests go, the harrowing journey of Captain Miller and his rangers is hard to top. If Ready Player One succeeds in creating a similar atmosphere of life-or-death stakes, we’d be very pleased.
8 Saving Private Ryan

4. Jurassic Park One of Spielberg’s best. Frightening, entrancing and entirely fantastical. Let’s not talk about anyone inventing new dinosaurs or releasing a T. rex in San Diego.
6 Jurassic Park

3. Raiders of the Lost Ark Since the Indiana Jones movies are actually referenced in the novel, you might expect these to be at the top of the list. Unfortunately, Spielberg also directed Joneses # 2, 4, and will be doing the same for (no, say they’re not making a…) 5.
5 Indiana Jones

2. Minority Report Set ten years further into the future than Ready Player One, Minority Report‘s protagonist lives a life equally disconnected from the reality around him. Apparently, going up against powerful people reeeaallllyyy sucks in the future.
7 Minority

1. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Also mentioned in the book, E.T. is a cornerstone of 1980s sci-fi. It’s Spielberg’s oldest movie on this list. It might also be the best.
3 ET

So whaddaya think? Are you sold? Or do you somehow hate the idea of Steven Spielberg directing Ready Player One even more now?

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