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Tom Hiddleston Got His Own Week Of Devoted Fandom

Tom Hiddleston Got His Own Week Of Devoted Fandom

Tom Hiddleston devotees are known for being fervent fans of the God of Mischief. Whether it’s his turn as Loki in the Avengers or as the enthralling Thomas Sharpe in Crimson Peak, his fans are always there to follow his career and support his causes.

Tom Hiddleston fans are a creative bunch, constantly supporting his most recent films on social media and even waiting out for hours to catch a glimpse of him at premieres. So it’s no surprise that every year there’s a Tom Hiddleston Spirit Week on twitter, where fans get to show off their Hiddles-love and celebrate all things Tom.

Tom Hiddleston Spirit Week-02012016

Every February on twitter, @HiddlesEducates hosts a weeklong celebration of Tom Hiddleston, culminating in honor of his birthday, February 9th. This spirit week event is themed out differently each day and fans from all over the world participate by using the hashtag #TomsSpiritWeek.

Previous themed days have included celebrating his dancing. Oh, how he dances:

Tom Hiddleston dance3-01272016

His penchant for worthy causes:

Tom Hiddleston Unicef-01272016

Or just celebrating him and cookies. We are all Cookie Monster.

Tom Hiddleston cookie monster-01272016

To get into the spirit, why not don your best Loki attire, create some Tom Hiddleston fanart or just watch his dancing gifs over, and over… and over? You can even get some Tom Hiddleston inspiration from pinterest.

Follow @HiddlesEducates and the hashtag on twitter for all the #TomsSpiritWeek fun.

Are you a Tom Hiddleston fan? Let us know in the comments and tag @geekandsundry and @justjenn on twitter to let us know what you’re doing for #TomsSpiritWeek!

IMAGE: @hiddleseducates, Buzzfeed, JustHiddles, omgcookieraptor

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