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Titansgrave Panel: Creating An Epic Adventure

To run into battle with sword raised high against a mighty enemy is one thing; creating that moment from your own imagination is something even bigger. Wil Wheaton along with his son, Ryan Wheaton, and the cast of Titansgrave hit the Geek & Sundry stage this year to talk about what it takes to make those moments amazing. Laura Bailey, Alison Haislip, and Yuri Lowenthal discuss their roles in the series and how they were each chosen to be a part of the cast. With their unique talents and dice rolls combined, Wil as well as the rest of the panel dive into what makes Titansgrave one of the most riveting adventures around.

During the panel, we find out who was most nervous about picking their character and who had to change from their original pick. We also learn how the players’ choices changed the game in subsequent episodes. What happened after the last day of shooting? Who will win the impromptu Titansgrave cosplay contest? And Hank makes an appearance in the most unusual way possible.

What was their favorite moment of Titansgrave, so far? What advice do they have for new players? Why does Yuri have a bucket on his foot? You don’t need your own time machine to check out the next episode. Make sure that you tune in every Tuesday for a new episode of Titansgrave with Wil and the rest of the cast.

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