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Titansgrave: Chapter 0

Join Wil Wheaton, Hank Green, Alison Haislip, Yuri Lowenthal, and Laura Bailey for an overview of the world of Valkana! Titansgrave: Chapter 0 is an introduction to the basics of role-playing games, the Fantasy AGE system, and the characters and lore that make up the world of Valkana. Whether you’re a seasoned RPG player or newcomer to tabletop games in general, don’t miss the prologue to Titansgrave: Ashes of Valkana!


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Game Master: Wil Wheaton


Executive Producers: Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day

Director/Producer: Adam Lawson

Head Of Production: Ryan Copple

Episode Writer: Wil Wheaton

Editor: Steve Grubel

Animator: Andrew Jewell

Illustration Art Directors: Adam Lawson, Stéphane Richards, KJ Kallio

Opening Intro Voice Over By: Troy Baker

Opening Intro Illustrations By: Scribble Pad Studios, James Paick, Joy Lee, Shawn Kim, Stéphane Richards, KJ Kallio, Alejandro Magnozz, Michael Pedro, Soren Zaragoza, Laura Sava, Gunship Revolution, Evan Lee, Serg Souleiman

Episode Zero Illustrations By: James Paick, KJ Kallio, Tony Foti, Alejandro Magnozz, Rock-He Kim

RPG Music/Sound Design Loops By: Wes Otis &

Associate Producers: Chris Pramas, Nicole Lindroos

Game Publisher: Green Ronin Publishing

Cinematographer: Zach Voytas

Sound Mixer: Sabi Tulok

Chief Lighting Technician: Team Bashett

Lighting Techs: Jerry White, David Connan

Production Designer: Geoff Flint

Art Director: Drew Wootten

Asst. Art Director: Vanesa Wilkey Escobar

Construction Coordinator: Freddy Palaez

Carpenters: akob Bokulich, Mudavahnu “Moody” Mushonga

Make Up: Christina Waltz

Production Manager: Ashley Krick

Production Assistants: Jason Adams

Post Production Supervisor: James Deuling

Post Production Sound Mixer: Sabi Tulok

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