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Tips For Getting Paid Using Your Geeky Passions
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Tips For Getting Paid Using Your Geeky Passions

Every week on Twitch and Alpha host Ryan Green introduces us to the histories of our favorite geek fandoms on his show Lore Masters. This week, he sat down with Jud Meyers, CEO of Blastoff! Comics, about being an entrepreneur in passion.

For many of us, finding your path in this world, particularly as it relates to vocations and careers, is an ongoing journey. Finding ways to get paid for your passions can be both personally and financially rewarding, but actually getting there can also seem daunting. Here are some ways you can tackle this challenge and turn your passions into a living means.

Translate Your Geeky Skills Into Job-Related Skills

Not everyone can get paid to play games, but gaming can certainly help you get a job so you can buy food. No, you don’t have to eat your games to survive.


Being passionate and skilled about a geeky hobby makes you memorable to hiring managers, demonstrates engagement, shows dedication and gives you the opportunity to develop skills for jobs that other candidates may never have been able to.

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Turn those RPG Game Master Skills Into Money

Image Credit: Margaret Dunham

Being a creative GM means wearing a lot of hats: you might find yourself world building, fiction writing and even flexing those cartography muscles for your campaign. You can monetize those skills working for RPG publishers or even selling modules and supplemental content online. There are a lot of options out there, so it’s worth taking a look at where those GM skills can take you.

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Publish The Dream Game You Designed

White box FI

Designing a game takes a lot of work, playtesting, and personal investment. Many designers within the industry (such as Century Spice Road designer Emerson Matsuuchi) have started in just that way: by designing their own game. Getting your game in the hands of other people outside your personal circle are numerous, though the most common paths are crowdfunded self-publishing (like Kickstarter) and publishing your game with an established publisher.

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Voice Acting for your Favorite Geeky Titles


You don’t have to make games (or game-related content) to work in games: just ask the entire cast of our favorite D&D RPG show, Critical Role. If you’ve got a great voice or acting chops, voice acting might the way to use that talent and find yourself in a geeky industry. You may not even have to be in a place where game studios exist: companies like BioWare have previously done public auditions, asking people to submit their voices online.

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Looking for more tips? Catch the re-airing of yesterday’s Lore Masters discussion on Twitch and Alpha, and tune in live every Thursday starting at 4PM.

Featured Image Credit: Teri Litorco

Image Credits: Geek & Sundry, Teri Litorco, Margaret Dunham, Bioware Blog

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