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Join Becca Scott in a TINY TOWNS Play-Along (or Stream Your Own!)
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Join Becca Scott in a TINY TOWNS Play-Along (or Stream Your Own!)

Run to your favorite local game store and pick up Tiny Towns for AEG, because there’s a very special player waiting to open up the game box with you: Becca Scott! Becca gives you a firsthand look at the “Town Hall” variant rules for playing Tiny Towns in a special episode of Game the Game. You can play along or even learn how to host your own Town Hall!


Even the littlest dreamers can chase their loftiest goals in Tiny Towns from Alderac Entertainment Group. Dole out resources, craft buildings to create your town from top to bottom, and become a master builder in this fast-playing, family-friendly game for one to six players.

About Tiny Towns

In this first published design by Peter McPherson, each player takes a turn as the Master Builder, choosing which resource to give out to everyone at the table. Bricks, wood, glass, and more are represented by colorful little resource cubes. Place the cubes on the four by four grid to match one of the buildings on the face-up cards on the table. (Different building cards depending on the luck of the draw mean you’ll never play the same game twice.) But plan carefully, or your town will quickly run out of space!

Before you begin Town Hall play, let Becca give you the rundown of the game.

Play Along With Becca…

Okay, are you back from the FLGS and ready to play Tiny Towns with Becca? Unwrap those game components (ah, that new game smell) and let’s get building!

Becca, with the help of Geek & Sundry’s Twitch chat, demonstrates how this colorful game plays in the Tiny Towns Town Hall variant. Audience interactions add even more fun to an already entertaining game, and playing along with your own version at home shows you how no game of Tiny Towns will ever play the same way twice!

… Or Host Your Own Town Hall!

In the Town Hall variant, one player is designated as the Mayor, and they are the only one drawing cards from the deck. The Mayor draws a Resource card from a special deck, and all players playing along choose what to build as you usually do in a group game. In a livestream, audience members playing along will play the same resource on their boards at home–and not necessarily in the same way that the Mayor placed them.

When your town grilled is filled, check your score to see if you earned more victory points than the Mayor. Check the rulebook for complete rules and details for this game mode.

Tiny Towns is now available online and at game stores everywhere.

Did you host your own play-along game of Tiny Towns? Tell us how it went in the comments.

This post is sponsored by AEG.

All Images: Geek & Sundry

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