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Timey Wimey Doctor Who Everyday Cosplay

Timey Wimey Doctor Who Everyday Cosplay

We’ve been playing around with everyday cosplay quite a bit here at Geek & Sundry. With the ninth season of Doctor Who underway, it seemed like the right time to create a few everyday cosplay looks to pay tribute to some of the amazing characters we’ve seen this season on Doctor Who, as well as a couple of other fan favorites. So without further ado, let’s get on to the outfits. Allons-y!

Twelfth Doctor

Regardless of your feelings on Capaldi’s run as the Doctor, there’s no doubt that his style is quite different from both Smith and Tennant’s Doctors. With sonic sunglasses and a penchant for wearing graphic tees and playing electric guitar, Capaldi’s Doctor has really started to come into his own. This look is perfect for any time traveler who values a comfortable style and a healthy dose of sarcasm (though we can’t put that in an outfit for you).

Everyday Twelfth Doctor


The Doctor is fantastic, but let’s face it: he’d be nothing without his TARDIS. Though we’ve only gotten to hear her speak once–unless you count that wheezing noise as speaking–the TARDIS is an integral part to all of the Doctor’s adventures. She might not always be the most reliable form of transportation, but she’ll always take you where you need to go. Plus, no one can pull off so much blue so flawlessly.

Everyday TARDIS


Osgood is everyone’s favorite asthmatic scientist/Zygon clone/peacemaker. Though her entire look is already a bit of an everyday cosplay outfit of the Doctor’s various regenerations, this look makes her tributes to her favorite Gallifreyan a bit more subtle. Inhaler not included. A Zygon sister isn’t included either. Sorry about that.

Everyday Osgood


Some times you wake up on the evil side of the bed and just want to emulate a man who created the deadliest race of beings in the entire universe. For those days, this Davros-inspired look is for you. Though his look might be fun, I recommend that you leave the deadly alien creation to him.

Everyday Davros

Captain Jack Harkness

I can’t promise that this outfit will help you find immortality or any level of Captain Jack’s badassery or luck with finding dates with literally any species in the entire universe, but you certainly will feel pretty awesome in this gender-swapped outfit. How can you not feel fantastic in an outfit with suspenders?

Everyday Jack Harkness

River Song

Hello, sweetie! This gender-swapped look is perfect for someone wanting to channel the only human ever able to get a Dalek to plead for mercy. Be sure that your mindful of your timeline and watch out for spoilers as you go about your day in this outfit. Just be careful of libraries and shadows…

Everyday River Song

Who is your favorite character from Doctor Who? Have you ever done ever done Doctor Who everyday cosplay? Tell us about it in the comments, and be sure to check us out on Polyvore

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