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Ticket to Ride: Anywhere, Anytime!

Ticket to Ride: Anywhere, Anytime!

The last days of spring are ebbing and I’m scheming to get in my Six Flags and Disneyland trips before the tourists (and long lines) appear.

Luckily for me, last year, my buddy Sam was smart enough to have downloaded the Ticket to Ride app to play in line. It got intense. Pretty soon we were doing all we could to preserve his iPhone battery so we could keep playing. I downloaded the app myself as I found out it was available on Android.

So when I found out Ticket to Ride was coming to Steam, I had to grab it. I’m almost always in the mood for tabletop gaming, but unfortunately, I’m almost never near a copy, with 4-5 friends, and at a convenient venue to play. Like the app, the Steam Play game exceeded my expectations.

The game begins at Grand Central Station with a cute animation and voiceover. Its default map is USA, but you can also download the following expansions:

The game also has very detailed play-by-play instructions about which I was a little dubious, but turned out to be very intuitive and helpful. I wouldn’t worry about newbies not understanding the game—if you can’t sit down for a full episode of TableTop, the digital versions of Ticket to Ride might be just the thing for creating a tabletop gaming convertThe maps are HD versions of the original Ticket to Ride maps, and the board lets you see how many points your opponents have, and how many train cards of every color. It’s really easy to read and there’s no chance of awkward paper cuts when you’re in front of a screen!

You can play by yourself against up to four AIs or with friends online. Better yet, when you

buy it as a Steam Play game, you can play anywhere.

Now you have no excuse: no company? Not near a copy of the game? Doesn’t matter, you can take Ticket to Ride with you:

Click HERE to donate to TableTop Season 3. Those who donate $10 or more will receive a free Steam code!

Click HERE to get Ticket to Ride on Steam

Click HERE for Ticket to Ride on iTunes

Click HERE for Ticket to Ride on Android

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