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Three Quick Animated Short Films With Unexpected Heroes

Three Quick Animated Short Films With Unexpected Heroes

If you need to fill a few minutes of your day, sometimes a short film is the way to go. I’ll admit that I’m a sucker for animation, so these three Vimeo shorts grabbed my attention. They’re really colorful and fun and each features a wildly different style. But the neatest thing is that they include quirky characters who are trying to do something heroic or unusual, despite some hefty personal obstacles.


Dice Productions created this film for the Nickelodeon International Shorts Program 2014-15. It’s about an endearing half-boy, half-duck wannabe superhero named Dwayne, and his bossy accountant brother Neil, who are desperate to stop an evil mogul from producing savory shakes out of… watch it to find out. DuckManBoy is three and a half minutes of crazy, and the animation resembles a Rugrats-esque comic book. If you dig it, check out their behind-the-scenes archives.


We follow a big kid called Lulu in Grandma’s Hero, who’s just graduated from Hero Academy. He’s not the fittest of the bunch and wears a confused expression most of the time, but his teensy tiny overprotective Grandma is on his team (for better or worse) and she insists on escorting him on an epic adventure to prove his worth. Turns out she’s a pretty cool grandma. The animation made me think of Aladdin, and more of those older Disney films. Grandma’s Hero is made by 3rd year Character Animation and CG Art students at The Animation Workshop in Denmark. Get a glimpse into how it was made here.


If you like fancy monkeys, 3dar Studio’s Shave It will put a smile on your face. And if you don’t care for them, I’m positive that the vibrant animation in this fast-paced little film will win you over. Shave It drops you right in the jungle, where giant bulldozers keep shaving the lovely vegetation. One monkey won’t stand for this nonsense, so he finds a razor and tries to be a human. Literally. He moves to the big city, dons real clothes and climbs society’s ladder. This film might make you dizzy and displaced for a second, but the exaggerated urban adventure is worth it. Like what you see? Take a look at their behind-the-scenes stuff and spread the word.

If you happen to be new to shorts, there’s loads more where these came from. You’ll always find something on Vimeo (which I just realized is an anagram for “movie”), and Short of the Week is a solid bet, too. New content is added all the time, in just about every genre.

What short films have you watched recently that you loved? Sound off in the comments below. 

IMAGES: Vimeo/3dar Studio’s/The Animation Workshop/Dice Productions

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