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Three Games We’re Eagerly Anticipating In 2017

Three Games We’re Eagerly Anticipating In 2017

It was a good thing that 2016 was a leap year, since the extra day gave us that much more time to play all the awesome games that came out of over the course of the year. With the dust now settling on the past year, it’s time to look forward, meaning it’s totally fair game to squee in anticipation for the new shinies that will be available to gamers this coming year. Here are three games we can’t wait to get our hands on:


Billed as the spiritual successor to Blood Rage (a Geek & Sundry best game of 2015) excited as an emotion doesn’t fully encapsulate the mix of enthusiasm and anticipation we feel. Set in Feudal Japan, we’re excited to get on the tabletop with samurai, oni, and dragons. If Blood Rage was inspired by Risk, Rising Sun is inspired by Diplomacy, as the game’s designer Eric Lang describes. Combining Lang’s interest in rich mythologies with fantastic creatures with his signature game design style of marrying simple Euro-style mechanics with player conflict and confrontation, we can trust that this game will offer a great gaming experience.

For people won over by shiny, beautiful components like myself, CMON as a publisher has built an empire on Kickstarting games with stunning minis that build an immersive (and impressive) gaming experience, along with their relatively established supply chain, meaning that Kickstarters from Q1 and Q2  from CMON typically fulfill later in the same year.

While CMON has a slate of projects on the deck for this year, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled specifically for this one.


After the runaway success of Scythe (a Geek & Sundry Best of 2016 Game), Jamey Stegmaier (designer) is at it again, this time with Charterstone, a 1-6 player competitive legacy game where players build a shared town. With the legacy mechanic being relatively new in the tabletop sphere (a somewhat interesting trend of games getting smaller and shorter prior to the emergence of legacy games), it’ll be interesting to see what kind of take Stegmaier has on this emerging genre.

As he put it, reflecting on his decision to make the game a competitive one rather than a cooperative one, “The decision to make the game competitive vs. cooperative stemmed from what I thought was best for this particular game (especially in terms of the theme of building a shared village)” he responded in the Charterstone Facebook Group when queried about why he chose to make the game competitive. “In a competitive legacy game with a story, I still want there to be high stakes and memorable moments, but not in such a way that someone will feel like their chances at winning the campaign are ruined.”

With the quality of games that Stonemaier Games has released, designed by Stegmaier, this will be one done through traditional development rather than crowdfunding, meaning you can pick it up at your FLGS this year.


Another legacy game, Gloomhaven was Kickstarted in 2015 and will be hitting store shelves later this year. Where games like Zombicide and X-Wing: The Miniatures Game feel like games that condense down the weighty complexity of tabletop miniature gaming into a digestible board game format, Gloomhaven feels like the kind of game that similarly condenses the complex and weighty experience of an RPG campaign into a digestible format, with enough legacy mechanics (through an evolving scenario) that don’t reset players back to square one when the gaming session is done for the night. Like an RPG campaign, the game is a cooperative one, with players and actions being determined by cards that are played in combination. Players may permanently lose the use of some cards but may also gain cards that offer more powerful abilities.

What games are you excited to play this coming year? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image Credits: Cool Mini Or Not Games

Blog Image Credits: Stonemaier Games

Teri Litorco wrote a book about tabletop gaming, talks to herself in empty rooms (typical YouTuber) about miniature wargames, and also shares photos of her games and cats on social media (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram). 

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