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Three Cheers for the Geek & Sundry Community!

Three Cheers for the Geek & Sundry Community!

As 2014 ends and 2015 begins, we want to take a moment to thank the amazing Geek & Sundry community for another awesome year. Not all geek communities are havens for inclusiveness, polite debates and helping hands, and we are so thankful that ours is one of them.

With that in mind, we thought it only fitting to highlight some of the amazing things our community put together this year. This list certainly doesn’t cover everything, so head into the forums and join the nerdy ranks of G&S faithful!

1.) Community Creations

First and foremost, check out the Community Creations discussion for some of the personal projects our community works on, such as A Geek in the Community’s LGBT Positivity videos, Blair Beveridge’s Webisode Watch, Don Diego’s #Cocktales podcast, and more! We have such a talented community, and events like Fall Into Fandom serve as great reminders of the talented people we get to hang out with online. Thank you all for sharing your creations with us!

2.) Game Nights and the Ticket to Ride Contest

Community member TableTopWizard came up with the idea of weekly game nights for the community to participate in online. Game nights were a great way to hang out and to have friends to play with. Check out the G&S Steam Group here.

From there, Zuffy suggested a Ticket to Ride Tournament, and together he and TableTopWizard created a fun event for everyone to participate in, with real life prizes! It was very professionally handled and a great success. After the tournament, many community members, vloggers and G&S staff members expressed a desire for another one, so here’s hoping for another online tournament in 2015. Thanks for helping everyone play more games!

3.) The Geek & Sundry Wiki

In August, G&S community member lonewander started a wiki page for G&S. Kyle, Zuffy, Toronotogal and Molokov joined in and the wiki began to really take shape. It is far from complete, but right now it is still a great resource for anyone that wants to know more about Geek & Sundry. Thank you all for your hard work!

4.) The Geek & Sundry Subreddit

Modded by Intermetheus, the Geek & Sundry subreddit is a great place for redditors to stay updated on all things Geek & Sundry. Every time a video is uploaded to the vlogs and main channel, the video is posted to reddit, so it’s also a good place to check if you’re wondering if you’ve missed any videos. Thank you, Intermetheus, for making sure we’re on Reddit!

5.) Taking on Mod Duties for Felicia’s Twitch Channel

Felicia took Twitch by storm in the last month and proved to be a very popular channel. But with great Twitch popularity comes great chat spam, stupidity and hijinks. Thankfully, the community rallied behind her and Felicia now has some awesome mods (leahtheshadow, liangelus, lysander695, ryonday, sango49, sundryzuff, thefruitykiwi, torontogal80) to help her keep the chat manageable and to help with Felicia’s questions about emotes and bots. We even had some awesome fan-designed emotes picked by Felicia herself. So thank you all for helping ensure everyone has a good time in the Twitch chat!

6.) The 2014 Geek & Sundry Advent Calendar

In a stroke of genius, the G&S community mod squad came together to create the Geek & Sundry Advent Calendar. Essentially, the calendar is a thread updated daily with highlights, information and recaps of videos, channels and news that happened in 2014. Daniel Wallace kicked off the plans and was joined by Torontogal, AlanAlmeria, Molokov, and guests Don Diego and TableTopWizard. Everyone worked really hard and researched their days/videos/events wonderfully. Thank you all for helping people new to the G&S community get the inside scoop on our going ons! Now they can get our inside jokes.

7.) Felicia Appreciation Day

Kristi Sullivan spearheaded this totally fan-driven event, #FeliciaAppreciationDay. A plan long in the making, community member Kristi wanted to compile a scrapbook of letters, photos and fan-art to give to Felicia to show her how much she meant to folks. On March 16th, Kristi presented Felicia with the scrapbook on stage at a convention in Las Vegas. The scrapbook contained submissions from 150 people from around the world. Along with the scrapbook was an awesome video with a song written and recorded by Mike Bailer and edited by community member The Mighty Jerd. But what really blew our minds was the hashtag that suddenly sprang up all over social media, as hundreds of fans poured their heart into letting Felicia know how much she meant to them, over a 24 hour period. I can honestly say I had tears in my eyes as I read some of the tweets and posts. So thank you Kristi for putting together such a touching tribute to Felicia, and giving us all an outlet to let her know how much she means to us.

8.) Up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s Torontogal!

If no one has created fan art of Torontogal as a superhero, it needs to be done immediately. You may have noticed her name pop up in all of these entries: that’s because Torontogal is not just our biggest supporter, but the biggest supporter of our community. When someone has a new idea, Torontogal is there to encourage them to try it. When someone asks for help with something, she is there to help. When someone posts a really mean comment on a YouTube video, she is there to defend us.

Thank you Torontogal, for just plain being awesome. Your enthusiasm and kindness inspires us all to work just that much harder.

9.) YOU!

Thanks again to ALL of you for participating, whether it’s a comment on our Facebook page, sharing a YouTube video, or starting a new discussion in the forums: know that we truly appreciate you and hope you have a happy, healthy and safe 2015.


The G&S Staff

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