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This Week in Geek & Sundry Land: Sushi, Game of Thrones, and Geeky Dads

Hello Geek & Sundry-inos! Did you have a good Father’s Day? We did! In fact, we had such a good one that we’re going to celebrate it all week long…or at least through this Thursday, with TableTop’s bonus content! That’s when the winners of the GeekDad & TableTop contest will be featured on our channel with their stories of how board games affect their families. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be inspired to bust out Munchkin for the five thousandth time (don’t fight the urge!)…so be sure to keep an eye out! If your life feels sad and empty since the Game of Thrones season finale, we have good news for you – George R.R. Martin will be on the new Sword and Laser this week! Be sure to tune in on Friday to catch a glimpse of his magnificent beard (and his interview with Tom and Veronica, duh!). Plus, the episode features the World Premiere of the Paul & Storm music video tribute/diatribe to/about George “Write Like The Wind.” We think you’ll really enjoy it! If you caught the Flog today, you probably noticed that Felicia and Robin’s sushi-making skills leave something to be desired. We gathered the following resources for you so can brag to your friends that you’re able to out-sushi Felicia Day:

Sushi Essentials – Maybe if Felicia and Robin had a better grasp of the basics they wouldn’t have ended up with a sushi burrito. California Sushi Academy – For those of you who want to take your sushi-making to Iron Chef-esque levels. Japanese Sushi-Making Robots – When making it yourself is just not an option.

Thanks as always for watching! Beverly

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