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This Pokémon Go Helmet Is Wonderfully Terrible

By now you’ve likely seen at least one of Simone Giertz’s terrible robots. If you haven’t, you need to drop everything right now and check out her channel. While we’ve all fallen in love with her crappy robots helping her eat breakfast or apply lipstick, there was definitely a Pokémon Go-shaped hole in her YouTube content. Luckily, Giertz has given fans what they wanted and created a terrible helmet perfect for the Pokémon Go gamer on the go.

Just like all of her robots, the helmet really doesn’t work. Like, at all. The helmet allows you to essentially strap a phone into pliable arms that only make it a helluva lot harder to catch ’em all. The phone sits directly in front of your face (with a bit of an upward angle to get that suuuuper flattering from-the-chin selfie angle), and makes the phone impossible to use–unless you’re cool with using your tongue.

Actually, if she rebranded this as something to let you watch movies on your phone or read in bed, that could be a freaking gold mine. Can you imagine a world where you don’t drop your phone on your face in the wee hours of the morning? What a time to be alive.

Unfortunately, Giertz did not see my vision for the future of science (because obviously a giant helmet that you wear in bed is super practical and comfy), so she only built one of her awesomely bad Pokémon Go helmets. It seems we’re all still damned to a life of catching Pokémon the old fashioned way. Instead, let’s just all watch her video a few thousand times and dream of a future where we all had our very own Pokémon Go helmet.

What do you think of Giertz’s helmet? Which of her crappy robots are your favorites? Tell us about it in the comments!

Image credit: Simone Giertz/Youtube

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