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This Modern Mythic RPG Funded in 38 Minutes

This Modern Mythic RPG Funded in 38 Minutes

Many tabletop RPGs let players play a variety of unusual characters. It’s often fantasy heroes, but sometimes it’s thieves, servants of a demon lord, or maybe even pro wrestlers. Scion Second Edition, currently on Kickstarter, offers the chance to play heroes with the blood of gods running through their veins.

These sons and daughters of gods like Zeus and Quetzalcoatl are called scions, and they discover their power just in time to save the modern world from mythic monsters, modern magic and the machinations of other pantheons. If the game sounds a little bit like American Gods as directed by JJ Abrams, you wouldn’t be far off the mark.

“What I loved [about first edition] was the focus on divine but almost-pulp heroes, the sense of adventuring towards apotheosis, the focus on divinity, the slightly gonzo feel, and the sense of all myths being true in some way, even if they conflicted,” said Neall Price, Scion lead developer. “What I wanted to change was introduce a sense of reverence, clear up some of the foggy setting while allowing for alternate campaigns, and provide a much tighter narrative and play-focused power and rules set.”

The Kickstarter is for two books; Scion: Origin and Scion: Hero. Origin has the basic rules and character creation, with much of the modern mythic world detailed in Hero. Characters start out as mortals, but Hero characters access their divine bloodline right away through a variety of ways, most commonly through artifacts handed down by their parents.

Unlike many RPGs which follow a zero-to-hero progression where characters start out weak and grow in power through play and experience points, Heroes in Scion can already accomplish some impressive feats right away. Depending on their heritage, Scions of Water can command the waves and commune with the ocean while Scions of Lover Calling gain the ability to touch someone and instantly know who loves them and why straight out of character creation. Future books in the line will allow Heroes to grow in power to become Demigods and finally as Gods to stand next to their divine parents or possibly overthrow their immortal reigns.

The original game offers a variety of pantheons from which players could choose their divine heritage. The core game comes with ten pantheons based on gods and goddesses from world mythology:

  • Teotl (Aztec)
  • Shen (Chinese)
  • Netjer (Egyptian)
  • Theoi (Greco-Roman)
  • Devas (Vedic Hindu)
  • Kami (Japanese)
  • Tuatha de Dannen (Irish)
  • Manitou (Algonquian/NE American)
  • Æsir (Norse)
  • Orishas (Yoruban)

Many of these gods and goddesses overlap in their powers and intrigues, which sometimes causes rivalries and battles across pantheons. What happens when the son of Thor faces off with the daughter of Raijin in a hurricane? Something awesome, that’s what.

Stretch goals for the Kickstarter are adding pieces to two additional books available for free to backers. The first is the Scion Companion, which not only adds additional pantheons to the game, but includes guidelines for tables to homebrew pantheons that might not make it into an official write up. The second major book is an anthology of Scion fiction headlined by Kieron Gillon (The Wicked and the Divine).

The Kickstarter lasts until October 22nd, but you can build your legend today by backing here.

What is your favorite mythical god or goddess? Tell us in the comments!

Image credit Onyx Path Publishing

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