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They Found A Way For Captain America’s Shield To Return To You And More

They Found A Way For Captain America’s Shield To Return To You And More

Have you ever wished you could have your own grappling hook like Batman? Or maybe you just want Captain America’s electromagnetic shield. Well James Hobson, also known as the Hacksmith, has you covered!

James is an engineer who loves recreate working versions of awesome props from movies, comics, and TV shows. I spoke with James about how he got into Hacksmithery.

“I’ve always been in the tech field ever since I was in the robotics club back in highschool. Went on to study engineering and I have a bachelor’s of engineering. I worked for a few years in the industry as a product developer and mechanical designer, and now just this past November I quit my job to focus on YouTube full-time.”

He added, “Our main focus on our YouTube channel is our series called Make It Real, where we take fictional items from movies, comic books and video games and make real working prototypes! We have plans to build the Powerloader from Aliens, an Iron Man style flight system, Black Panther’s suit, and a few others. Previously we’ve made Wolverine’s claws, an Elysium style exoskeleton, an exoskeleton from Call of Duty, and of course Captain Americas shield most recently.”

I cannot wait to see the Iron Man flight system. That sounds amazing! Here are some of the other projects the Hacksmith has created:

Call of Duty Exoskeleton

This project called for James to build a working exoskeleton similar to the one in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. He uses a pneumatic system to allow the exo suit to lift the front end of a 3500lb Delorean like the one in Back to the Future! The exo suit comes with the added bonus of a Stark tech Arc Reactor.


Batman’s Grappling Hook

I really, really want one of these for coming home late at night, or during the day, or going anywhere! Any time you forget your keys, you can be like “Don’t worry everyone. I’ve got this. I left a window open on the third floor.” Whip our your bat grappler and watch all the impressed faces. As an aside, I love James’ “I really hope this doesn’t break” song.


Based on the weapon from Fallout, James designed this pneumatic punching glove to be an addition to his Elysium exoskeleton. While I’m not sure how much damage it could do to a Deathclaw, it is powerful enough to punch through ceramic plates!

Captain America’s Electromagnet Shield

This is the coolest project by far and my personal favorite. James uses two small electromagnets attached to a brace to allow him to pick up just about anything metallic and to catch a prop shield. The magnets are actually so strong, that he can attack to the ceiling beams and lift himself!

I don’t just want the grappling hook. I want them all! These builds are fantastic! I love that James documents the entire process of making each of his working prototypes. You can follow along by subscribing to his Youtube channel.

What do you think? What props do you think James should tackle next? Let us know in the comments below!

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