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These DC Super Hero Girls Could Kick Your Butt (But They’re Cool, So They Won’t)

These DC Super Hero Girls Could Kick Your Butt (But They’re Cool, So They Won’t)

There have always been female superheroes, but with the way they’ve been overlooked in a lot of media and toy offerings, it sometimes feels like they are nearly as invisible as Wonder Woman’s jet. But consumers are demanding more and with the launch of DC’s Super Hero Girls, that landscape is rapidly changing.

DC Super Hero Girls is a series that follows the adventures of high school aged, classic comic characters such as Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, and Harley Quinn. The official site features webisodes, games, and more.

So it’s no wonder that this would inspired this group of dynamic girls and ladies to form one of the most epic groups at this years WonderCon.


Even Lisa Yee, one of the writers for Super Hero Girls, stopped for a photo with this impressive group.

I’m feeling pretty certain these girls could kick anyone’s butt.


Each character featured in this lineup comes with their own official DC bio tailored for a younger audience. For example Katana is described as follows:

Katana wields her sword with art and grace! She’s traveled around the world and is always on the cutting edge of fashion. She’s fearless and uber funky . When she’s not fighting crime, Katana is sharpening her skills as a designer and stylist.

Don’t let that description fool you. There’s a lot more to these characters than fashionable pursuits. At it’s core, the series is about teamwork, friendship, and standing up for yourself.


For Bumblebee, the official bio reads:

Here’s the buzz on Bumblebee! Her ability to shrink makes her the perfect Super Hero to secretly find out what Super-Villains are up to without them knowing. It’s how she makes sure her team is never surprised by their plans.

You can see the rest of the girls absolutely killing it in the below gallery.

All images by Wonderwall Visions


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