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Here’s What The Critics Have To Say About The X-Files Revival

Here’s What The Critics Have To Say About The X-Files Revival

As you may have heard, The X-Files is back on the small screen for Season 10 after almost 14 years away. Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are back reprising their iconic roles of Dana Scully and Fox Mulder from the original 1993 series. As the much-anticipated six-episode miniseries revival is set to air on FOX starting January 24, critics are already releasing reviews of their thoughts after seeing the premiere. Here’s a round-up of what they’re saying.

The first episode of the revival titled “My Struggle” is a mythology episode of the show, and contains more exposition than you know what to do with.

  • Over at IGN, Matt Fowler says the premiere seems “drab and stagnant” possibly due to “time whiplash,” but ultimately, he’s happy to see the characters return to our screens. 
  • The AV Club is feeling nostalgic saying “the show picks up again feeling like it never left.” Of course, that’s not necessarily a rave review. As they mention, “beloved TV shows are usually remembered for their high points.” Of which apparently, the first episode of the revival is not one of those points.
  • Vulture longs for the monsters of the old days but says the premiere is “a veritable Dumpster of sub-Reddit subjects.” Ouch!
  • HitFix’s Alan Sepinwall has similar feelings on the premiere saying it “digs a hole deep enough to run from Area 51 to the other side of the world.” Yet, like many critics mention, enjoys the second and third episode more recently released to the press much more.

Here are a few more reviews to get you through until the next new episode of The X-Files. Or just to perhaps lower your enormous expectations a bit.

  • Polygon says “the first episode indulges in the worst habits of the series”
  • Variety says the revival “disappoints”
  • The Hollywood Reporter says it’s “messy and tedious”
  • Den of Geek is optimistic that “Duchovny and Anderson will find a light in the dark”
  • i09 is likely accurate in saying “if you loved The X-Files, you’ll probably still like the new X-Files”
  • Time says the revival “fails to find the truth”
  • Deadline Hollywood says the new series will “make you believe again”

Overall, early reviews for the premiere are overwhelmingly underwhelming. Although I have to say that the puns used in the reviews are pretty awesome. Most critics seem to agree that the series improves with Darin Morgan’s quirky episode–the third of the revival. But don’t be discouraged. The X-Files is back and for many fans, that mere fact is enough. Enjoy the six episodes while you have them and if you don’t, there’s still 200 old episodes and two movies for you to watch!

What’s do you think of the new episodes of The X-Files? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image Credit: Frank Micelotta/FOX

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