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The WTF Moments from The Walking Dead’s Mid-Season Finale and Where It Leaves Us

The WTF Moments from The Walking Dead’s Mid-Season Finale and Where It Leaves Us

There will be several spoilers from The Walking Dead season 7 ahead. Read on at your own risk if you aren’t caught up!

We did it, guys. We’ve all made it through the first half of our first season with Negan. Season 7 has been a rough ride, y’all. It’s been a hard season to get through, and the mid-season finale was a rough one to watch. For all of the WTF moments that we experienced in the finale, it set us up for what looks like a pretty fantastic second half of the season. Let’s talk about those moments, and where they’ve left us for the spring premiere.

Spencer’s Coup and Rosita’s Bullet


Oh, Spencer. He’s been a thorn in the fandom’s side since day one. While it was super groan-worthy to watch him suck up to Negan, try to get him to kill Rick, and appoint Spencer as the head of Alexandria; it wasn’t totally unexpected. What was unexpected (to those who don’t know the comics, anyway) was the fact that Negan disemboweled Spencer right in the middle of Alexandria for his act of cowardice. It was truly messed up, and it was just another instance for Rosita to see someone she cared about die horribly. She responded by using her one bullet to shoot Negan in a moment of emotion. It wasn’t her smartest moment, and she ended up shooting Lucille instead of Negan, who responded by having Olivia shot and capturing Eugene. It was the most gruesome scene we’ve seen since Glenn and Abraham’s death, but it signaled a palpable change in Alexandria. It was time to fight back, but it was time to stop the half-baked, emotional revenge plots. It was time to start fighting back smart.

Carol and Morgan still aren’t fighting


Sure, Carol and Morgan are clueless when it comes to the chaos Negan and the Saviors have unleashed on Alexandria, and they have no idea that Abraham and Glenn were brutally murdered. Still, after Richard pleads for their help on behalf of the Kingdom, trying to get Carol and Morgan to convince Ezekiel to fight back against Negan’s rule, they still decide to step away from the fight.

We know from scenes from the spring premiere that Rick is going to get to the Kingdom and try to get Ezekiel to join Hilltop and Alexandria, but will Carol and Morgan be with them? Will they be able to stick by their pacifist morals after hearing about the carnage Negan has inflicted on Alexandria? Because I don’t know about you, but I think we need the help of the woman who managed to obliterate an entire camp of cannibals all be herself. Negan’s tough, but I think Carol can be tougher–if she wants to be, that is.

Daryl Bashes In Fat Joey’s Head


Daryl’s been held captive in the Sanctuary for some time, and Negan has had him subjected to extremely brutal torture and horrific living conditions for quite some time. In the previous episode, Negan had us believe that Daryl was close to breaking. With Daryl not speaking much, it was hard to get a true reading on where his head was. So when he received a note in his cell saying “go now,” we weren’t sure what to expect from Daryl.

Turns out, he was more than ready to get his life back. Daryl made a quick escape from his prison cell, ditched those disgusting sweats, and finally got out into the fresh air–where he was met by Fat Joey, whose head Daryl promptly bashes in with a pipe. So, essentially, if we were worried about Daryl’s loyalties or his ability to still fight, they’re totally gone. Daryl is clearly more than ready to fight, and if anything, his time in the Sanctuary prison only made him more ravenous for revenge. Mercifully, his feels-inducing reunion with Rick (where Daryl returned Rick’s revolver) and the group also shows that he’s not lost his sweet side, either.

Michonne meets Negan plural


Michonne gets a Savior woman to show her how sprawling the Sanctuary is, and how internalized the Savior’s loyalty to Negan is (I mean, they all call themselves Negan). Luckily, Michonne doesn’t attack after seeing that. She goes home. After a couple of episodes filled with emotional, angry people set on half-baked plans to kill Negan; it was refreshing to see Michonne’s lucid reaction to Negan’s army. Michonne is able to see what a big foe Negan truly is, and she returns to Alexandria and goes to Rick to encourage him to join with the surrounding communities to fight back against Negan. Her stirring speech pairs well with the carnage that Negan wreaked on the streets, and the episode ends with Rick and some key Alexandrians heading over to Hilltop to strike up an alliance. Negan’s got a long reach, we know this from the episode where we met Oceanside, but his widespread subjugation means that Rick can likely find a lot of allies to join in his cause.

We Meet the Boot Guy


Aaron and Rick go on a crazy side quest to raid a secluded shack surrounded by a walker-moat of its supplies. The journey is a harrowing one, but the guys are able to make it back to Alexandria alive and well. However, Aaron does notice a note among the supplies that says though they won, they’re still going to lose. As Aaron and Rick are loading up their new gear to leave, we see a raggedy pair of boots emerge from the brush by the shack. The same raggedy booted-stranger shows up outside of Alexandria in the last moments of the episode, spying on Alexandria. Who is this person, and what are they bringing to Alexandria?

What did you think of the mid-season finale? What are your theories for the second half of the season? Who do you think boot-guy is? Let’s talk in the comments!

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