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The Wheel of Flame — A Dungeons & Dragons Inspired Candle Set

The Wheel of Flame — A Dungeons & Dragons Inspired Candle Set

I am always looking for new ways to spend my hard earned and easily spent cash and these Dungeons & Dragonsthemed candles may be the next spoil of my questionable spending habits.

Lauren Rock has come up with a way for you to take your weekly D&D campaign to the next level with her Wheel of Flame RPG inspired soy candle set. The Kickstarter has already more than surpassed its $3,500 goal, so it looks very promising that these candles will be the latest addition to the plethora of geeky scents created under Rock’s moniker Boonzy Arts; joining their siblings Black Lodge (Twin Peaks) and Marshmallow Man (Ghostbusters).


Image Credit: Boonzy Arts

Each scent is reminiscent of a land one might traverse during a campaign to save a princess, uncover loot, or defeat a dragon. The three original scents—Lair of the Dragon (a smoky musk smell), Fortress and Sorcery (described as a “spicy sandalwood with hints of olive and cypress”), and Forest of Enchantment (which contains “earthy oak and cedar wood with notes of eucalyptus”)—have been joined by three more scents due to the Kickstarter’s success. Those new additions carrying names like Sands of the Desert (featuring “sage, dried grass, and cactus flower”), Port by the Ocean (evocative of “sea salt and ocean air”), and Castle in the Clouds (a crisp, fresh, and light scent that is reminiscent of floating on a cumulus).

And not only do the candles smell nice, but they feature incredible artwork created by Wilson Swain that is a throwback to classic first generation Dungeons & Dragons cover art. If that wasn’t cool enough, each candle contains a crafted die that one can unsheathe after a few hours of burn time.

I was lucky enough to chat with Lauren Rock about her Kickstarter and the Wheel of Flame candle set. And if I wasn’t already obsessed with her fun, pop-culture themed candles beforehand, I would’ve been completely sold after this interview.

I’m assuming this specific collection was inspired by a love of tabletop gaming. Are you big into D&D? 

LR: The Wheel of Flame candle set was born from a recent tabletop gaming session with friends. I was brainstorming new candle ideas, and while we were playing, our DM kept describing the scent of each location, and I thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool to make this more immersive?” A collective of friends added to the concept: different realms would have different scents, and the DM could light a different candle for each region.

As far as the dice, I’d noticed that in the candle world, it’s very popular to embed little surprises into the wax. Embedding metal dice into candles for D&D was a no-brainer. I wanted to do something for people like me who love the trappings of gaming. I’m enjoying my exploration of different tabletop games, though I consider myself a candle geek more than anything.

I checked out the other candles on your site and I love them—especially the Twin Peaks ones. What other franchises are you looking to explore as scents in the future?

LR: I have SO many ideas for themed candles, and if it didn’t take so much time and effort to create a single candle, I’d have them all up for sale! The process of designing each candle involves creating a concept, scent testing, color testing, label design, and actual candle production, so I have to pick and choose. You can expect to see some candles inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly, along with some favorite cult movies like Beetlejuice and Phantom of the Paradise in the future. We’re also conceptualizing some literary themed candles.

What’s your alignment? (This is clearly a very important question. I’m chaotic good, just FYI.)

LR: Hey, I’m a chaotic good, too!

But don’t let the success of the Kickstarter discourage you from donating—there are still quite a few redeemable perks! Donating $105 or more will reward you two Wheel of Flame candle sets (A or B), or a full set containing candles from both sets. Or, if you don’t feel like waiting, be sure to check out the Boonzy Arts website for a slew of other geeky candles.

Featured Image: Wilson Swain

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