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The Wednesday Club’s Webcomic Picks
The Wednesday ClubThe Wednesday Club

The Wednesday Club’s Webcomic Picks

The Wednesday Club is Geek & Sundry’s weekly talk show chatting about all things comics. On this week’s episode, hosts Matt KeyTaliesin Jaffe, and Amy Dallen talk webcomics, a form of comic storytelling that’s practically as old as the internet itself. (Penny Arcade is celebrating its 20th anniversary. You’re welcome.)

Webcomics are serialized stories, often written in panel format similar to a newspaper strip, that are updated regularly. Most webcomic writers pull double duty on script and art.

The Wednesday Club hosts kicked off the show with a short history of the internet and how it shaped the development of webcomics as a medium.

“The forms of comics and the types of storytelling […] are shaped by the way you are sharing them,” Amy said. “A lot of webcomics, especially in the way we knew them in the first fifteen years of them being common–I’m saying roughly 1995-2010–were close in style and presentation to newspaper comics syndicated as comic strips.”

Early strip-format webcomics Amy, Matt, and Taliesin chatted about were Penny Arcade, Sluggy Freelance, and PVP Online. Another of their favorite strip webcomics, Dinosaur Comics by The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl writer Ryan North, is still going strong after more than a decade.

Some graphic content follows in the links below.

The hosts also talked about early strip format webcomics–many of which of are still running–like xkcd, the collection at Keenspot, Modern Tales (no longer available), Bobbins, Something PositiveGirls With SlingshotsNarbonic, and Achewood.

“We got an astonishing variety of work within a few years of all of this starting,” Amy said of webcomics’ early days.

Take a look at the gallery below for collected editions of (more current) recommended webcomics.

Amy, Matt, and Taliesin also touched on Scott McCloud’s book Reinventing Comics, along with a few more webcomics and online-only comics like Marvel’s Infinite Comics, Homestuck, The Perry Bible Fellowship, Marlowe the Monster, A Softer World, Diesel Sweeties, Edison Hate Future by Warren Ellis, Married to the Sea, The Order of the Stick, Girl Genius, Steve LichmanFreakangels, Wondermark, Cupcake POW! by show nemesis Jody Houser, Sarah’s Scribbles, Hyperbole and a Half, and Hark! A Vagrant.


Did you know The Wednesday Club has their own letters column with questions and comments from viewers? Send in your thoughts, comic recommendations, questions, and more to Matt, Amy, and Taliesin at [email protected] and you might just see yourself on the next episode.


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Featured Image: Check, Please! (Art by Ngozi Ukazu, published in print by HarperCollins)


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