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The Wednesday Club’s Secret Comics Origins
The Wednesday ClubThe Wednesday Club

The Wednesday Club’s Secret Comics Origins

Every guest on Geek & Sundry’s The Wednesday Club is asked one simple question by hosts Amy Dallen, Matt Key, and Taliesin Jaffe: How did you start reading comics? From family members who are fans, to reading for work projects, to just plain idle curiosity, everyone’s story is different and compelling.

But how did the hosts of the show start reading comics? We’ve compiled Amy, Matt, and Taliesin’s own Secret Comics Origins just for you. You might even find your next good read, or the perfect book to hand a friend to have them join you in your comic book adventures.

Amy Dallen

Amy started reading some Archie Comics and newspaper strips at a young age, but it was a certain European comic that she recalls having a big impact.

“My aunt and uncle had been stationed in Germany at one point, and they brought back a bunch of Asterix,” she said on The Wednesday Club. “In German. [It’s] a French comic, so that’s weird. It was great stuff. It’s great for all ages, but it’s great for a kid brain because there’s a lot of visual gags. I didn’t speak German, so I was just figuring out the story from the pictures. But it’s classic cartooning and you can do that.


“It’s this comedy in a town of Gauls that [are] fighting off the Romans. They have weird potions that give them superpowers, and everybody’s name is a pun, they’re always getting into trouble. It’s great.

“That, and I saw the X-Men animated show and got super hooked. […] I took home some X-Men comics and it was that, and manga, alternating in junior high, and the rest of my life was over.

“It went from a lot of manga, a lot of X-Men comics, and then basically Vertigo happened to me. That was Sandman, Y the Last Man, all this stuff that I discovered sort of long form.”

Matt Key

Matt remembers that the very first comic he ever got was a gift from his father. “It was Cable #1,” he recalled on The Wednesday Club‘s recent Q&A episode.


“The guy at the comic shop recommended it. I can’t remember the comics that I’d read before then–I’d read at friends’ houses–my mom and dad were iffy on comics initially, so I snuck them at a couple of friends’ houses. Sorry, Mom and Dad!

“I was finally able to say, ‘Hey, I think these might be safe, please give them a chance!’ And my dad came home with Cable#1 for my birthday.”

The first comic Matt ever bought for himself? Infinity War #2. “And then I was like, wait, there’s a #1? Oh my God! What am I missing? This is incredible! There’s an Infinity Gauntlet? What this is?!”

Taliesin Jaffe

Taliesin was a fan of Japanese manga first, but of course his story of how he discovered a love of American comics is a memorable one.

“My first American comic was the Neil Gaiman-Alice Cooper crossover book [The Last Temptation],” he said on The Wednesday Club. “I was walking by Golden Apple, and the owner of Golden Apple—who, at the time, I can only describe as, a great man, he did wonderful things for me, but he kind of looked like a retired mob boss—[yelled], ‘Kid! You read comics?’

“He was just sitting outside. I’m like, uh, I don’t know. He says, ‘Come on in!’ He just shoved me to the front of this autograph line. I cut like a two-hour line and [he] got Neil and Alice Cooper to sign a book for me, like, ‘There you go. Now you read comics.’


“And went back to his yo-yo.

“I was a customer of his until the day he died.”

What is your comic book secret origin? Tell us in the comments below.

Featured Image: Geek & Sundry

Other Images: Asterix, Marvel Comics, Dynamite Comics

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