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The Wednesday Club’s Comic Picks: The Heaviest Of Metal
The Wednesday ClubThe Wednesday Club

The Wednesday Club’s Comic Picks: The Heaviest Of Metal

This week on The Wednesday Club, Geek & Sundry’s weekly talk show discussing all things comic books, hosts Matt Key was joined by guests Erika Ishii and Whitney Moore to talk metal comics. While “metal” isn’t a strongly defined genre of comic books, Whitney talked about what makes a comic fit into the definition for her.

High fantasy and science fiction falls into the category, agreed the hosts, along with some horror books. “At the end of the day, ‘metal’ just means it’s ‘f****ing awesome,” said Whitney. “That’s it.”

All of the comics they recommend fit that bill perfectly.

Orc Stain

The first comic the hosts thought of as pure metal was Orc Stain from Image Comics. In this incredibly detailed book, a one-eyed orc fights his way through a brutal, fantastical world. But unlike his fellow orcs, he doesn’t believe in wanton killing. “It’s about a super intelligent orc,” said Whitney. “Even the title looks like a metal font.”

“It’s beautiful,” said Matt. “It’s a beautiful book.”

“But it’s beautiful in the most disturbing and detailed way,” Erika said. “And the worldbuilding is so fantastic… all of it is essentially organic.”

(Image Comics, James Stokoe)

Harrow County

Harrow County is the story of Emmy, the reincarnation of an evil witch, who lives in a remote village. “The witch broke a cardinal rule,” said Whitney. “There are other witches in the world, and this witch was part of that union, and she broke it. One of the rules for witches is that you cannot be a god. And she went against that because she created all these creatures from the mud and from the forest. Demons, and animals, and monsters, and people.

“It’s so good and the art is incredible,” she said. “And there’s skeletons on fire.”

(Dark Horse Comics, Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook)


“If Orc Stain is thrash metal, Rumble is the fun side of metal that’s super silly and super fun and actually very touching, sometimes,” said Whitney. “It’s about this kid who is kind of a doofus, and he’s not really going anywhere, and then this demigod Rathraq comes into his life. He’s got a scarecrow for his body, and he’s having a bunch of beef with other demigods… It’s just like demigods fighting each other in a bar.”

“It has a surprising amount of heart for what it is,” Matt said.

(Image Comics, John Arcudi and James Harren)



Set in an alternate Asia at the turn of the 20th century, Monstress follows a teen girl with a mysterious connection to a monster. “Every page is like the most beautiful art in the world,” Whitney said. “That is a power metal f***ing comic. That is some high fantasy, beautiful, beautiful metal comic.”

“What amazed me about it is how dense it is,” Matt said.

(Image Comics, Marjorie Liu and Sana Akeda)


“Early in this kid’s life, two brothers are out with their mom and dad. The younger brother runs off into the woods, and never comes back,” said Matt. “The family assumes that he was kidnapped or killed. He’s missing, and they’ve dealt with it… A couple years later, he returns. But he’s a barbarian, and he’s a fully grown man.”

The alternate dimension he was trapped in is beginning to seep into reality. “You find out that there’s so much more going on.”

(Skybound, Joshua Williamson and Andrei Bressan)

Black Science

Dimension hopping and metal science fiction pervade the pages of Black Science from Image Comics. Matt likens it to the Fantastic Four with a dark twist. “It’s about time and reality jumping and fighting and just f***ing adventure,” said Whitney.

“This is Remender at his best,” Matt said. “I cannot say enough good things about Black Science.”

(Image Comics, Rick Remender and Matteo Scalera)

Matt, Erika, and Whitney also talked briefly about metal books like Dark Nights: MetalSandman, Death Note, Berserk, Head Lopper, Hillbilly, Slasher, and Klaus.

And if you’re new to metal, you can listen to Whitney’s “Baby’s First Metal” playlist on Spotify for her recommendations for newcomers to the genre.

The Wednesday Club

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Featured Image: Geek & Sundry

Other Images: Image Comics and Erika Ishii

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