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The Wednesday Club’s Comic Picks: Secret Headquarters
The Wednesday ClubThe Wednesday Club

The Wednesday Club’s Comic Picks: Secret Headquarters

This week on The Wednesday Club, hosts Taliesin Jaffe, Amy Dallen, and Matt Key celebrated their new set and not-so-secret hideout by talking about superhero headquarters and supervillain lairs.

You may not realize how many super-hideouts you already know about. The Batcave, the Fortress of Solitude, the Hall of Justice, the Sanctum Sanctorum, and Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters are some of the more familiar comic book locales you’ve probably heard of.

But what about Asteroid M, The Watchtower, and the Arrow Cave? The Wednesday Club is here to spill of the superhero secrets.

Superman: Secrets of the Fortress of Solitude

When you think of the Fortress of Solitude, you probably picture an icy, crystalline structure thanks to the Richard Donner version in the Superman movies. But the comic book Fortress is much more fascinating, and filled with an eclectic collection of items, including an entire city in a bottle.

“Superman traditionally has an alien menagerie,” said Taliesin, “and a [sort of] trophy room. He’s commented that he got the idea from Batman.”

The Secrets of the Fortress of Solitude collects several issues from across the years that take place in the Fortress.

(DC Comics, Various writers and artists)

Strange Tales #110

It’s no surprise for anyone who has seen The Wednesday Club that Matt’s favorite secret hideout is Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum. With a striking window design that’s instantly recognizable to any Doctor Strange fan, the Sanctum is the Sorcerer Supreme’s home and hideout. It can be found at 177A Bleecker Street in New York City.

“Sometimes you can tell what it is from the outside,” said Matt, “sometimes you can’t. Sometimes it looks like a dilapidated building… But most of the time it just looks like a really awesome mansion.”

The Sanctum made its first appearance in a 1963 issue of Strange Tales.

(Marvel Comics, Stan Lee, Robert Bernstein, and Steve Ditko)


Fatal Attractions

This Marvel crossover event was quintessential 90s X-Men, complete with holographic covers. It also features classic X-Men hideouts like the mansion and Magneto’s Asteroid M lair. This landmark event also resulted in the removal of the adamantium from Wolverine’s body, which would affect him for years after.

Matt also remembers the crossover event for a different reason: It made him emotional when he read it as a kid. As an unconscious Wolverine and the other X-Men hurtled toward Earth in the Blackbird, Jean Grey was almost thrown out of the ship–but Wolverine woke up and caught her.

“There’s this one panel of him reaching out of the plane, holding on to Jean Grey,” said Matt. “As a kid I was like, ‘That’s true love! I love this book so much!'”

(Marvel Comics, Various writers and artists)

Giant-Size X-Men #1

Another essential X-Men location is the Danger Room inside the mansion, where the team trains to fight and use their powers. Giant Size X-Men #1 is the classic book that reintroduces the team and a character named Wolverine to their ranks.

“[The Danger Room is] a robot room that can make challenges for you to hone your powers,” described Amy.

In the 2000s Astonishing X-Men run by Joss Whedon, the Danger Room would become sentient and really put the X-Men to the test.

(Marvel Comics, Len Wein and David Cockrum)

The hosts chatted about Batman Incorporated by Grant Morrison and the character Man-of-Bats, whose hideout is simply his garage.

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Top Image: Geek & Sundry

Other Image: Marvel Comics

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