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The Wednesday Club’s Comic Picks: Pride and Joy
The Wednesday ClubThe Wednesday Club

The Wednesday Club’s Comic Picks: Pride and Joy

The Wednesday Club is Geek & Sundry’s weekly talk show chatting about all things comics. This week, hosts Taliesin Jaffe, Matt Key, and Amy Dallen were joined by artist Babs Tarr for the show’s second annual Pride Month special.

Babs Tarr first gained the notice of the comic book world when she began work on the relaunched Batgirl series written by Brenden Fletcher and Cameron Stewart. She’s also known for her Sailor Scouts on motorcycles fan art, the first piece of hers to go viral, she told the hosts.

Amy, Matt, and Taliesin are obviously big fans of her style and talent, and the mutual adoration kept flowing as Babs was treated to amazing artwork from The Wednesday Club fan Jessie. (She was inspired by the first Pride episode last year.)

Babs had a chance to explain how her career in comic books and her work on the relaunched Batgirl got started—Batgirl was her first comic work, in fact. Thanks to the creative team on the book, Babs learned quickly and jumped right in.

“Being in comics has made me much more aware of other types of people,” she said, “and listening, and empathetic to the world around me. I’m so thankful that I got into this industry, because I don’t know if my eyes would be as wide if it wasn’t for comic books.”

Take a look at the gallery below for specific recommendations from the episode.

The hosts also chatted about titles including Ranma 1/2, Batman Incorporated, Bingo Love, Iceman, and The Wicked + The Divine.


Did you know The Wednesday Club has their own letters column with questions and comments from viewers? Send in your thoughts, comic recommendations, questions, and more to Matt, Amy, and Taliesin at [email protected] and you might just see yourself on the next episode.

Please mark your message “OK to read on air” so the hosts know what you’re comfortable with sharing.


The Wednesday Club is proud to announce the sponsorship of comiXology Originals! ComiXology’s new digital series highlight talented creators and their unique books, and you can read them for free if you have comiXology Unlimited. This week the hosts highlighted Elephantmen


The story follows animal/human hybrids created to fight a war, and what happens to them after the conflict ends. With notable recommendations from big names like J. J. Abrams and Andy Serkis, this five-issue series is available on ComiXology Unlimited.


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Featured Image: Image Comics (Babs Tarr)


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