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The Wednesday Club’s Comic Picks: Card Party With Mercer and Friends
The Wednesday ClubThe Wednesday Club

The Wednesday Club’s Comic Picks: Card Party With Mercer and Friends

This week on The Wednesday Club, Geek & Sundry’s weekly show about all things comic books, hosts Taliesin Jaffe, Matt Key, and Amy Dallen were joined by Critical Role Dungeon Master Matt Mercer, comic book writer Jody Houser, and Jack Dire Studios VP Brittany Walloch to wax nostalgic about comic card collections. (Hector Navarro, Eric Campbell, and Marisha Ray also couldn’t resist jumping in for a few minutes.)

Comic book trading cards clearly held a special place in all of the guests’ hearts, as each pack brought back memories of both their younger selves and the characters and comics depicted on the cards.

The gang started with the Marvel Universe Series 1 card packs before moving on to Vertigo trading cards, Death of Superman cards, Avengers Silver Age Trading Cards, Jack Kirby trading cards, and The Uncanny X-Men Trading Cards.

While most of the discussion centered on the cards, a few books were mentioned that the hosts and guests were passionate about. Take a break from opening card packs yourself to check out these picks.

The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe

Long before Wikipedia, there was The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe with a veritable who’s who of superheroes, supervillains, allies, friends, family, and more. If there was a character in a Marvel book you wanted to know more about, chances are they were in the handbook.

Before there were official collectible cards direct from Marvel, the Official Handbook was the best source of character information for curious fans. “[The handbook] was amazing. It was so helpful,” said Taliesin. “[Card collecting] was sort of an offshoot of that, a great way to learn about characters, and you get cool art.”

“It’s like turning to a random page in the handbook,” Amy agreed.

(Marvel Comics)

Kid Eternity

A character originally created in the 1940s, Kid Eternity has the ability to summon any benevolent person, historical or fictional, to come to his aid. He later became part of the DC and Vertigo universes after the original publisher was acquired, and would come to have a few different origin stories, but his power remained the same.

“Kid Eternity has the best superpower of any character,” said Taliesin.

(Vertigo Comics, Grant Morrison and Duncan Fegredo)

Avengers #4

Avengers #4

This iconic issue of Avengers brings Captain America to the team after he’s escaped his frozen fate. The Avengers find him and bring him aboard their submarine, and he reveals his identity after thawing. He teams up with Rick Jones to save the Avengers after they are attacked by a mysterious enemy.

“It’s incredibly worth [finding]” the issue, said Amy, still a little bit shocked after opening a card with an original panel from a copy of Avengers #4.

(Marvel Comics, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby)

J2 #5 (Wild Thing)

While discussing their favorite Marvel characters, Jody talked about Wild Thing, a character probably unknown to most fans. In the alternate MC2 universe, Wolverine and Elektra have a daughter together, Rina Logan. Rina has her father’s mutant abilities of accelerated healing and enhanced senses, and also has the ability to make psychic claws thanks to the tutelage of Psylocke.

“[She] had wacky Buffy-esque adventures,” said Jody. “Her catchphrase was ‘Welcome to Claw City!’ Her adventures included skipping school to run away to Canada to fight the Hulk, going to the mall with her mom Elektra and getting attacked by ninjas, and finding out that her principal was a sleeper Sentinel.”

(Marvel Comics, Tom DeFalco and Ron Lim)

The Wednesday Club

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