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The Wednesday Club’s Comic-Con Tips
The Wednesday ClubThe Wednesday Club

The Wednesday Club’s Comic-Con Tips

This week on The Wednesday Club, hosts Taliesin Jaffe and Amy Dallen were joined by guest Erika Ishii to talk about successfully navigating San Diego Comic-Con. Rather than comic picks this week, the trio gave their best tips and suggestions for making it through Comic-Con weekend, along with a few favorite memories of cons past.

“Conventions are really interesting, and San Diego Comic-Con is the weirdest of all of them,” said Taliesin.

Here are just a few of The Wednesday Club’s tips for making the most of the country’s biggest comic convention. They also apply to your smaller, local cons, so read on even if SDCC isn’t in your travel plans this year.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Ask any experienced convention goer what you should bring along, and they’ll always have these three things on their lists: Bottle of water, hand sanitizer, and comfortable shoes. Your shoes can make or break an entire con, so plan ahead.

“Don’t even kid yourself,” said Taliesin. “You’re going to be walking… Comfortable shoes are a big plus.”

Follow Taliesin’s Three Rules

Taliesin has three rules to surviving and thriving at Burning Man that also apply perfectly to Comic-Con:

  • You are not responsible for anyone else’s good time.
  • No one is responsible for your good time.
  • Every time you make a plan, God laughs.

Don’t worry about what your friends are doing, and don’t depend on them to entertain you. And be flexible in planning every day, and accept ahead of time that you simply won’t be able to see everything you want to at the show.

The Wednesday Club

Respect Cosplayers

“Cosplay is dressing up as a character that you like,” said Erika, “replicating the costume as closely as you can.” While some cosplayers prefer to put their own spin or an alternate take on a character’s costume, details and accuracy are vital to cosplay.

“As much as a joy it is for the rest of us when someone dresses up in a costume… make sure you’re treating them with respect,” said Amy. Cosplay is not consent. Always ask before taking a photo of a cosplayer, and always keep in mind that no matter how scantily clad their costume may be, it’s not an invitation to touch them.

“Cosplayers are dressing up because it is, in the end, for them,” agreed Erika.

Find a Quiet Space

At times the crowds at San Diego Comic-Con can feel crushing, so take the time to recharge your energy by moving to a quieter space. “If you’re feeling overwhelmed,” said Taliesin, “get out of the Gaslamp District.” Taliesin also recommended finding a hotel lobby just beyond the convention, the art show, or Sea Port Village.

Erika added that the sales pavilion is another good spot to escape the crowds when you’re ready for a break.

Go to the Eisner Awards

If you are at San Diego Comic-Con, Amy has one impassioned plea for you: Go to the Eisner Awards ceremony.

“Did you know that if you have a badge from San Diego, any badge, you can go to the Eisner Awards?” asked Amy. “Did you know the Eisner Awards are the premier awards in comics, and anyone with a badge can go? Did you know that many of your favorite creators and nerd celebrities will be there, and anyone with a badge can go?”

The Eisner Awards are typically held on the Friday night of the convention in the Indigo Ballroom at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront.

Some of the experts’ other quick Comic-Con tips include:

  • Use the bag check service (“It changed my life,” said Erika)
  • Pack a battery phone charger
  • Bring poster tubes to carry artwork home
  • Hygiene is important
  • Be nice to the volunteers
  • Don’t ask your friends to get you con exclusives
  • If you’re going off on your own, make sure someone knows where you’re going

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All Images: Geek & Sundry

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