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The Wednesday Club: Eisner Nominations for Best New Series

The Wednesday Club: Eisner Nominations for Best New Series

This week on The Wednesday Clubhosts Matt Key, Amy Dallen, and Taliesin Jaffe continued their 2017 Eisners discussion with a deep dive into the nominees for Best New Series.

The Wednesday Club

This year’s picks are all incredibly memorable series, and our hosts have mentioned them before when talking about some of the best books out there right now–with good reason. Here are the 2017 nominees, along with some of Matt, Amy, and Taliesin’s thoughts about each.

Black Hammer

Jeff Lemire tackles a team of superheroes who are trapped in a small town in Black Hammer. The group of superpowered allies went through their own version of a big summer event, and found themselves on a farm in the aftermath, unable to leave no matter how hard they try. Forced to become a makeshift family, they must deal with failing powers and the fact that they’ve been removed from their world—which often happens in comic events, but this is the first series to ask what happens next to the heroes who don’t make it out of the crossover.

“[The series] is intimate and emotionally truthful,” said Amy.

“It’s so weird and out there and I love every single second of it… Go get this book today and read the hell out of it,” Matt said.

(Dark Horse Comics, Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston)

Clean Room

(Note: This series is for mature readers only.)

If you’re looking for nightmare fuel, look no further than Clean Room. While the hosts struggled to describe just what the story is about, Amy summed up, “It’s detailed, complicated, terrifying fiction.”

The story begins with journalist Chloe Pierce, who is investigating a hugely popular self-help organization that might be tied to the death of her fiancé.

“I don’t know what I just read,” said Matt, “but I can’t wait to read more of [it].”

(Vertigo/DC, Gail Simone and Jon Davis-Hunt)

Deathstroke: Rebirth


Deathstroke is a DC Comics character who will do anything for the right price. His solo series, written by Christopher Priest, turns him into an antihero as he struggles with his relationship with his daughter. Taliesin admits to not being a fan of antiheroes, but he appreciates Deathstroke because of what they’ve done with the character.

“He’s a villain,” said Taliesin. “[They] made him complex, made him interesting, made him deeply fallible. I see why it’s on the list. It adds so much dimension to a character that is a villain.”

(DC Comics, Christopher Priest, Carlo Pagulayan, and more)


Faith is often mentioned on The Wednesday Club, and not just because talented writer and Geek & Sundry luminary Jody Houser joins in the chat almost every week. This book is a superhero story with heart, and it’s one that all three hosts appreciate and recommend. “I love this book,” said Amy with a smile.

Faith Herbert, who goes by the name Zephyr, is a hero with the power of flight. No matter what life throws at her, Faith never loses her faith in people.

“[Faith] allows the characters to look at some of the darkness in the world and not flinch,” Taliesin said. “There’s a lot of processing it and then moving forward in a positive way.”

“Of all these characters, Faith is the most relatable for me,” Matt said.

(Valiant Comics, Jody Houser, Pere Pérez, and Marguerite Sauvage)



Barbara “Bobbi” Morse is also known as Mockingbird, scientist and agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. While the character has been around for years, and has a long history as a result–especially with the Avengers–this was her first ongoing solo series. Mockingbird doesn’t shy away from Bobbi’s explosive relationship with ex-husband Hawkeye, and the story answers the question of just what is happening to Bobbi after she was exposed to a dangerous and experimental mix of chemicals.

It’s the humor of the short series that really makes it special for Matt. “Every single issue is a great read,” he said. “Every single issue has so much fun with the set design and the art design. It’s bright and shiny and fun and wonderful.”

(Marvel Comics, Chelsea Cain and Kate Niemczyk)

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Top Images: Geek & Sundry

Other Images: DC Comics and Marvel Comics

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