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The Wednesday Club Comic Picks: The Comics Code
The Wednesday ClubThe Wednesday Club

The Wednesday Club Comic Picks: The Comics Code

The Wednesday Club is Geek & Sundry’s weekly talk show chatting about all things comics. This week, hosts Matt Key, Taliesin Jaffe, and Amy Dallen were joined by Danielle Radford to talk about the Comics Code Authority.

This week on The Wednesday Club, the hosts invited Danielle to join them for their continuing discussion of the Comics Code created in 1954.

In this episode, Taliesin, Amy, Matt, and Danielle talked more about the results of the code, from the types of books that surged as a result—superheroes returned to their former glory—and how previously published stories were altered and re-printed to fit the code’s guidelines.

“The code is essentially dictating the end of your story,” observed Matt.

Take a look at the gallery below for books the hosts chatted about during the episode.

Danielle and Taliesin also had a moment to share a little love for Jem and the Holograms, which went from a truly outrageous 1980s cartoon to a colorful ongoing comic book series.

For more information about the history and legacy of the Comics Code, visit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund website, David Hadju’s book The Ten Cent Plague, and Amy Nyberg’s study Seal of Approval: The History of the Comics Code.


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Featured Image: Marvel Comics


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