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The Wait is Over: Discover Your Patronus with Pottermore’s New Quiz

The Wait is Over: Discover Your Patronus with Pottermore’s New Quiz

Long ago, on the original Pottermore website, J.K. Rowling released an official house sorting quiz and the Harry Potter fandom went ballistic. This was the first time Rowling had truly published anything interactive with her audience (besides the little tweaks here and there on her own website), and it was exactly what we had yearned for; an answer to the extremely important question of just which Hogwarts house the Sorting Hat would’ve sorted us into had we attended the school.

From there, our appetites were whet, and we wanted more. In particular, we wanted a quiz that would help us determine what form our Patronus would take once we tackled the spell.

Patronus_PM_B3C21M3HarrysPatronusChargingDownDementorsAcrossTheLake.Moment (1)

Casting a Patronus charm helps to shield someone from the effects of a Dementor, a magical being who can absorb the happiness out of a someone just by being near them, and even suck the soul out of their body through a process called the dementor’s kiss.

Each witch or wizard that learns how to properly cast this spell produces a Patronus in the form of an animal, one that somehow is linked back to the caster themselves. Harry’s is a stag, just as his father’s was, Remus Lupin’s a wolf, coinciding with his werewolf form, and Albus Dumbledore’s Patronus was a phoenix, like his good friend and animal companion, Fawkes.

It’s special to know and understand what your own Patronus is, because the charm represents the happiest, purest side of yourself, and friends and fans, today is the day.


Yesterday, Pottermore teased it’s followers on social media with a change in profile and cover photo. Their usual bright purple turned to darkness, but fans quickly came to the conclusion that the image was actually that of a forest, cluing everyone in on the possibility of the upcoming quiz.

Pottermore’s Patronus quiz is a beautiful 3D adventure into your own spirit, animated to seem like you’re journeying through a forest as you answer timed questions regarding words that speak more strongly to you than others. Trust or love? Cold or warm? Follow your instincts, and this Rowling written quiz will present to you the answers you’ve been searching for since Lupin first taught Harry about this all-important charm. J.K. Rowling commented on the release of the quiz, and shared a little insight into her own Patronus experience.

Celebrate your Patronus, and look into what inside you could’ve inspired the form it’s become. If you don’t like your results, remember that your Patronus can transform into something different as new experiences change your spirit, not unlike Rowling’s own Patronus which changed from a pine marten to a heron.

Tell us all about your experience with the Patronus quiz in the comments below. What animal did you get? Did you sit there casting and re-casting the charm to your hearts content, because the animation was just that gorgeous? Let’s talk about our patronuses over on Twitter @bekahbabble!

Image Credits: JKR/Pottermore Ltd. Warner Bros.

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