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The Twelfth Doctor’s 12 Most Epic DOCTOR WHO Moments (So Far)

The Twelfth Doctor’s 12 Most Epic DOCTOR WHO Moments (So Far)

After spending most of 2016 without our favorite Time Lord, Doctor Who will soon be back for the tenth season of its revival series, and its third season with Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor. Capaldi’s turn as the Doctor has been a bit of a departure from Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, and Matt Smith’s portrayals, but Capaldi has already cemented his place in the franchise with his consistently great performances. He is the Doctor, and we hope he sticks with the show for the eleventh season and beyond.

While we’re certain that Capaldi’s Doctor will have some new epic moments in the upcoming season, today we’re looking back at his best Doctor Who moments to date.

“No sir, all thirteen!” in “The Day of the Doctor”

Does the Doctor know how to make an entrance or what? Every incarnation of the Doctor dropped by during “The Day of the Doctor” to help save Gallifrey from the Time War, but it was Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor who stunned us with his cameo and the first appearance of his attack eyebrows.

The Doctor rescues Clara in “Deep Breath”


The Twelfth Doctor’s behavior in his first full adventure was a bit erratic, to say the least. Much to the shock and horror of Clara, the Doctor seemingly abandoned her in the lair of the half-faced man and his fellow robots. But just when Clara’s faith in her friend is ready to falter, the Doctor was there to take her hand.

The Doctor becomes President of Earth in “Death in Heaven”


In the midst of Missy’s Cyberman invasion, the Doctor was unexpectedly declared “President of Earth,” per an emergency United Nations protocol. It would have been fun to see the Doctor spend more time in that role, but it was a fitting acknowledgement of everything he’s done for the planet.

The Brigadier’s salute in “Death in Heaven”

Nicholas Courtney’s Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart was such a fan favorite character that even after Courtney’s passing, the series keeps the Brigadier in our hearts. In the eighth season finale, the Doctor and the Brigadier had a brief reunion, of sorts. With the Brigadier revived as a Cyberman, he finally got the salute from the Doctor that he always wanted while he was still alive.

The Doctor’s tank entrance in “The Magician’s Apprentice”

This Doctor does love his entrances, but one of his best ever came early in the ninth season, as he came rolling into an arena on top of a tank while rocking out with his guitar. It was hilariously ridiculous, but so very him.

“Who frowned me this face?” in “The Girl Who Died”

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has credited Russell T. Davies for coming up with the reason why the Twelfth Doctor shared the face of Caecilius, from the fourth season episode “The Fires of Pompeii.” Of course, Peter Capaldi couldn’t have known that he would someday be back to play the Doctor as well. But the explanation worked well.

In a breathtaking sequence, the Doctor remembered Caecilius and discovered why he choose his face: “to remind me, to hold me to the mark. I’m the Doctor and I save people. And if anyone happens to be listening and you have any kind of a problem with that… to Hell with you!”

The Doctor’s speech in “The Zygon Inversion”

It’s a rare Doctor who doesn’t like making a speech at a key moment. But the Twelfth Doctor’s anti-war speech in “The Zygon Inversion” is one of the all-time classics in the franchise. The Doctor took both the Zygons and humanity to task for their race towards self-destruction as he proved that the lessons of the Time War had not been forgotten.

The Doctor’s warning for Me in “Face the Raven”

It’s also quite rare to see the Doctor truly angry, but Clara’s death in “Face the Raven” brought out a fury rarely seen in our hero. As the Doctor prepared himself for his fate, his warning for Me was simply chilling: “You’ll find that it’s a very small universe when I’m angry with you.”

The Doctor’s 4 billion year escape in “Heaven Sent”

“Heaven Sent” was a fantastic showcase for Capaldi’s talents, but perhaps never more so than in the masterfully edited sequence that depicted the Doctor’s attempts to escape in a cycle that played out for years and years. It wasn’t until the next episode that we learned it took the Doctor the equivalent of four billion years to make his escape. To do so, the Doctor had to live and die countless times. His final triumph was a thing of beauty.

The Doctor brings down Rassilon in “Hell Bent”


After emerging on Gallifrey, the Doctor proceeded to take over the world and dethrone Rassilon without firing a shot. It turns out that the Doctor is a war hero for saving the planet, and there wasn’t a soldier on Gallifrey willing to take a shot at the man who meant so much to them.

“Run, you clever boy… and be a Doctor” in “Hell Bent”

The Doctor lost himself in his attempt to save Clara’s life, and he eventually had to let her go. But in the closing moments of “Hell Bent,” Clara’s final message for the Doctor helped him rediscover his true self. And we felt all of the chills when the Doctor got his new sonic as the Murray Gold’s Twelfth Doctor theme played us out of the ninth season.

The Doctor “Reacts” to the TARDIS in “The Husbands of River Song”

“Finally… it’s my go.”

One of the most brilliant scenes in recent Doctor Who history gave the Doctor the rare opportunity to “react” to his own TARDIS. The Doctor’s companions have all had their own “it’s bigger on the inside” moments, and he finally had the chance to deliver it the way he always wanted to hear it.

What’s your favorite Twelfth Doctor moment? Let us know in the comment section below!

Image Credits: BBC

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