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The First 10 Seasons of Supernatural Ranked!

The First 10 Seasons of Supernatural Ranked!

Supernatural has been on the air for over a decade, and over that time we’ve gotten some amazing story arcs from the boys. Of course, with something that’s been around for so long, there’s always gonna be a few episodes that had more growing pains that memorable moments. I’m ranking the first ten seasons of Supernatural, from best to worst. I’m not include season 11 in this list. The reason being that, though the season has been shaping up to be fantastic, the entire story hasn’t been told yet. Let’s talk about the first ten seasons, starting with the worst. If you aren’t caught up on seasons 1-10, this is your official spoiler alert:

10. Season 6

This season had a lot of great gems in it. Soulless Sam is a Supernatural classic (one of my particular favorite Soulless Sam episodes being “Clap Your Hands If You Believe“). This season also contains one of the best meta-sodes in the show, “The French Mistake“. Despite all of that, the overall arc of the season is a bit weak as they try to cram a TON of stuff into one season–Soulless Sam, Crowley chasing after Purgatory, and Eve. To be fair, season 6 followed the boys ending the apocalypse, completing Eric Kripke’s original vision for the entire Supernatural as a show, so it’s not surprising that the show was a bit wobbly.

9. Season 7

The only reason season 7 beats out 6 in my mind is because the season itself had a more solid season arc. Though there were lots of great gems in this season like the introduction to Kevin Tran and Charlie Bradbury, Cas’ brief stint as a god, and Sam’s fight for sanity with Lucifer stuck in his head; the Leviathans didn’t deliver. For all the build up we were given for their release into the world, they seemed a bit ridiculous–even for Supernatural.

8. Season 9

Season 9 followed up a pretty intense season, and it kind of faltered in comparison. Still, it was a solid season. Introducing Gadreel was an interesting turn, the Mark story line was excellent, we got another solid Ghostfacers episode, and this season had one of the craziest cliffhangers with the introduction of Demon Dean. But the cornerstone of Supernatural is Sam and Dean’s relationship, and having them at odds for the entire season made everything feel off–and don’t get me started on that attempt to make Bloodlines a thing.

7. Season 10

This season gets the award for “Most Misleading Marketing Campaign Ever.” Leading up to the season premiere, they touted this season as being “the year of the Deanmon”. Regardless of how much I hate the name Deanmon, I was really excited to see Dean as a Knight of Hell. This was also the season that they decided to get crazy and kill off Charlie. This season, however, does include the amazing 200th episode, “Fan Fiction,” they introduced Rowena, and the “removing the mark” story arc was an interesting one to watch. To this day, I’m still wondering if they actually killed Death.

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6. Season 1

This is the season that started it all. It’s when we first Dean say, “dad’s on a hunting trip, and he hasn’t been home in a few days.” This season is the foundation of the entire show, and it’s what made us all fall in love with Sam and Dean. But ultimately the season is pulled together by the arc of “finding dad”, and it’s just not as compelling as other seasons. That paired with the heavy urban legend, MOTW feel (don’t get me started on “Bugs”), gives it a bit of a weaker feel from other seasons, though it’s still a great season.

5. Season 8

After seasons 6 and 7 were less than fan favorites, season 8 was the first season that made me feel like Supernatural had found its feet again. While I wasn’t as crazy about the Amelia story line, Sam going through the trials was fantastic, and the culmination of Sam nearly curing Crowley to shut the gates of hell was an epic season finale. This season had lots of heart between Sam and Dean while also giving them a high stakes story to work with. I hadn’t felt that since the boys sorted out the apocalypse.

4. Season 3

This season was essentially one giant, dread-filled ride, as the fans walked with Sam as he counted down the days until his brother’s demon deal came due and he was dragged to hell. We also get our first introduction to Ruby this season, and I loved the conflicted feelings they gave us over her ability to be trusted. As each episode passed, the ticking clock of Dean’s demon deal upped the underlying tension, and it all came to a head with the crazy finale, and the first giant, crazy cliffhanger of the show’s run.

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3. Season 2

This is the season where we first learn about demon deals through John’s death, we see Azazel’s plans for Sam, we meet the Trickster/Gabriel for the first time, we see Sam die for the first time, and we get the first taste of how high the stakes can be for Sam and Dean. Season 1 started the show, but season 2 started the craziness of the Supernatural universe.

2. Season 4

This was the first time we ever really watched a character die and come back to life. It’s when we got our first introduction to Cas and the angels, and it’s when the high stakes of the apocalypse were fully introduced. This season is a solid one, with Sam’s demon blood addiction, his relationship with Ruby, Dean coming back from hell, the breaking of the 66 seals to lead up to the apocalypse, and the development of the boys’ “hunter family” aspect in Bobby, Jo, and Ellen.

1. Season 5

Apart from killing off characters like Jo and Ellen, there’s really nothing bad to say about the show. This is the season where we first meet Crowley, this is where we first get to meet our favorite junk food-loving horseman of the apocalypse, Death; we meet Lucifer; and the season is intense from start to finish as Sam and Dean grapple with their roles in the apocalypse. Speaking of that, we also get the fabulous episode, “Changing Channels.” This season is intense, emotional, funny, and definitely the best of the series so far.

Do you agree that season 5 is the best, or would you put another season int he #1 slot? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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