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The Soska Sisters Bring the 7 Deadly Sins to  “Hellevator” Season 2

The Soska Sisters Bring the 7 Deadly Sins to “Hellevator” Season 2

GSN’s innovative Hellevator brought all of the spookiness of a Halloween haunt to the airwaves last season, and fans rejoiced when the network renewed the show for a second earlier this year. Blurring the boundaries of traditional game show and survival horror experience, the program has proved to be a unique beast in the world of cable television. Focusing on groups of contestants wending their way through a series of creepy vignettes and overcoming challenges, the question becomes: with $50k on the line, how much terror would YOU put up with?

Created, hosted, and stewarded by inimitable identical twin sisters and filmmakers Jen and Sylvia Soska (aka The Twisted Twins), this season promises to bring even more gore and scares. Whereas the first season dealt with familiar horror tropes and a final challenge known as “The Labyrinth,” season 2 draws inspiration from real-life serial killers and the Biblical Seven Deadly Sins.

Speaking about the differences between seasons, Jen said “Everything from season one has been kicked up into overdrive. It’s far more challenging and way scarier than our first season (There’s an) incredibly intense final chapter called The Inferno which is hell on Earth.” Sylvia piggybacks on the idea, stating, “Every season has a different feeling, much like different genres of horror films. This season we had… some truly disturbing ideas about the show. We saw how far we could push people last season, so what else could we do but push them more? It’s our most horribly evil yet.”

And if there was any doubt in your mind about their sincerity, check out just one of a series of creepy 360-degree promos below.

But this isn’t the ONLY thing the Soskas have on their incredibly full plate. Being huge fans of horror, comics, and pro-wrestling –they’ve worked with Kane and The Big Show, but they’re WWE fans for life!– they bring a sincerity and passion to their work that has allowed them to achieve some incredible gains in primarily male-dominated fields.

The buzz that began with their notable and stylish body-horror film American Mary and reached a head with the first season of Hellevator has allowed the twins to play in a number of sandboxes. “We’ve been honored to write for Marvel and we have quite a bit of comic news that’s still coming. We are also collaborating with R H Stavis, an amazing writer and real life exorcist, on a series of projects together,” says Jen. Driving the fact home that not only are they grateful for their success, but embracing their roles, Sylvia says: “Being such an avid comic book fan, I love that Jen and I are that type of flashy villainesses on Hellevator. I love working on that show. Everyone is so creative…it’s the most fun set you’ll ever get on.”


They just happen to be remaking fellow Canadian David Cronenberg’s horror classic Rabid, potentially for both the large and small screens. “That takes a bit to coordinate,” says Sylvia, “but it’s been a wonderful experience to be getting back into body horror and so creatively.”

There’s already a ton of buzz on this project, and Jen couldn’t be happier. “We have an amazing team behind the project and it’s been such a pleasure…as well as an opportunity to honor one of the most influential directors of all time. We just need to do our peers, our country, and our hero proud. It’s a challenge we are more than up for.”

Hellevator airs Friday nights on GSN, and if you’re in the Los Angeles area for Stan Lee’s L.A. Comic Con, you can swing by their booth and say hi from October 28th-30th!

Would YOU put your sanity on the line and face the Twisted Twins Terrible Traps? Let us know below!

Photo Credit: GSN

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