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The Pull’s Pull: What to Grab on November 4th

Remember, remember the 4th of November… wait. That’s not how it goes. Well, in preparation for the 5th, remember to pick up your comics and read up on all the new titles coming out today. Here are Hector and Amy’s recommendations. Check out even more in the video above!

UncannyXMen600Amy’s Pick

Uncanny X-Men #600
Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Sara Pichelli, Mahmud Asrar, Stuart Immonen, Kris Anka, Chris Bachalo, David Marquez, Frazer Irving, Chris Bachalo, and Jaime Mendoza
Marvel Comics

My pick this week was a foregone conclusion: the flagship X-Men title hits a major milestone and superstar writer Brian Michael Bendis concludes his several-year X-saga in the oversized, much-anticipated (and much-delayed) Uncanny X-Men #600. The future of Marvel’s merry mutants may be in doubt, but this finale and this week’s new beginning in Jeff Lemire’s Extraordinary X-Men #1 mean that the story is far from over. As murky as the immediate prospects are, let’s be honest. I’ll see you all back here for #700 eventually. The X-Men aren’t going anywhere without a fight.
JamesBond1Hector’s Pick

James Bond #1
Story by Warren Ellis, Art by Jason Masters
Dynamite Entertainment

James Bond #1 from Dynamite Entertainment is the first Bond Comic published in 20 years, which should be reason enough to pick up the first issue of the new ongoing series, but if it isn’t, veteran and genius writer Warren Ellis oughta tip the scales in favor of “buy”. When 008 is killed, 007 has to pick up his caseload. Shouldn’t be a problem for Bond, James Bond, but he finds himself SHAKEN, NOT STIRRED, by MI6’s new, frustrating policies for their double-oh agents. All your favorites are here. Moneypenny! M! Q! Even Tanner! Don’t say (Dr.) NO to this one!


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