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The Pull’s Pull: What to Grab on November 11th

It’s November 11th; a day of ones. And on this day of ones comes some recommendations of #1s, like Superman: American Alien, All New, All Different Avengers, and The Goon Library‘s first volume. Watch the video above for everyone’s recommendations

Superman American AlienHector’s Pick

Superman: American Alien
Story by Max Landis, Art by Nick Dragotta and Ryan Sook
DC Comics

Screenwriter Max Landis (Chronicle, American Ultra) returns to the iconic character that garnered him an Eisner Award nomination (Adventures of Superman) in the first of a seven-issue miniseries! Artist Nick Dragotta joins Landis in telling an early Clark Kent story, where he and his parents deal with his emerging powers! This first issue really is sweet and ensures the rest of the series will focus on Clark, the man. Super.



theGoonWhitney’s Pick

The Goon Library: Vol. 1
By Eric Powell
Dark Horse Comics

The Goon is one of my all time favorite comics. If you like stories that will bring a tear to your eye through both laughter and tugging at your heartstrings, this is the comic for you. Oh, there’s also a lot of monsters, voodoo zombies, and gorgeous art, which is cool. This book is a great way to start your comic collection and I guarantee, if you start reading The Goon, you’re going to want to own the collection.



Adetailmy’s Pick

All New, All Different Avengers #1
Story by Mark Waid, Art by Alex Ross
Mavel Comics

Kamala Khan. Miles Morales. Mark Waid. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! Marvel’s wave of jumping-on points rolls on with a brand-new team of Avengers and a writer whose involvement put this book on top of my wish list as soon as it was announced. I’m happy to report that it’s just as good as I was hoping it would be, and that’s saying something. Hop in, this should be a good ride.




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