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The Pull’s Pull: What to Grab on December 9th

Another week has come and gone, and it is once again the day of comics. An event of yore, celebrated once every seven rotations of the earth to mark the coming of the new issues, this day brings us brief joy and happiness as we consume the newest installment of of the series we hold dear. Our fearless hosts have braved the wilds of the longboxes to bring you their picks for this week’s offerings. Check them out in the video above!

BMTMNT-Cv1-ds-09133Hector’s Pick

 Batman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1
Story by James Tynion IV, Art by Freddie Williams II
DC Comics and IDW

From DC Comics and IDW, comes the start of a new epic crossover between comic book legends. Writer James Tynion IV and artist Freddie Williams II knock it out of the park with their iconic takes on The Dark Knight and the Heroes in a Half Shell. The evil Foot Clan (and their leader) somehow crossover into another dimension, and set up shop in Gotham City. Of course, they have to contend with Gotham’s protector. But they didn’t come alone! Batman is very surprised to find four giant turtles… I AM THE VENGEANCE. I AM THE NIGHT. I–MADE A FUNNY!! COWABUNGA!


new-romancer-1Amy’s Pick

New Romancer #1
Story by Peter Milliagan, Art by Brett Parson
Vertigo Comics

Lexy is a programmer with an unusual past, a new job trying to save dating site New Romancer, and a new problem… all her best friends are dead poets, but some of them seem… not so dead. Lord Byron? What are you doing here? What has Lexy done and, more importantly, how much fun am I going to have finding out? Answer to the second part: a ton.



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