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The Pull’s Pull: Our Top Picks for October 28th

It is the day of Wōden once again. May the Allfather’s favor fall upon you and your comic selection this week. Here’s a selection of our picks; go ahead and take a gander and watch the video above for even more!


Amy’s Pick

Black Magick #1
Story by Greg Rucka, Art by Nicola Scott
Image Comics

Lazarus. Gotham Central. Stumptown. Queen and Country. Greg Rucka is one of the best minds we have in comics, and we all get to walk into his newest world with today’s brand-new Black Magick #1. This book blends cop drama with supernatural intrigue and boasts some gorgeously intricate worldbuilding; the bonus material included in the back of #1, like a historical family tree of our narrator’s foremothers (complete with causes of death… where known) and a travel guide to the fictional city of Portsmouth, will knock yours socks off by itself. Black Magick is co-created and stunningly illustrated by Nicola Scott, with a fantastic, very sparing use of color (“Color Assists” credited to Chiara Arena) that functions perfectly for the story. Protagonist Rowan Black already looks like a worthy new member of the pantheon of kickass, complex women Rucka has gifted us with during his career; I can’t wait for more of her story.


Hector’s Pick

Secret Wars: Official Guide to the Marvel Multiverse
Marvel Comics

One thing you gotta know about me is: I LOVE Marvel encyclopedias. How do you think I got so darn knowledgeable? Actually reading decades worth of comics? Haha! NO, just their summaries. (Not true, I actually read a butt-ton of comics.) Regardless! Today two awesome new encyclopedias from Marvel are out!

First, the mega-awesome and kinda-confusing event Secret Wars gets its own Official Guide to the Marvel Universe! Profiles on the essential (Miles Morales), the exciting (Old Man Logan), and the obscure (Obnoxio the Clown)! GO! LEARN!

Then! The MCU finally gets its own encyclopedia with the first entry based on 2008’s first Iron Man movie! This Guidebook to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a perfect refresher for long time MCU-fans, or a great entry point for new ones! Watch the video up top to find out more about this awesome guide!

whitneyWhitney’s Pick

Green River Killer: A True Detective Story
Story by Jeff Jensen, Art by Jonathan Case
Dark Horse Comics

This week in comics is a wonderful time for people who love true crime and noir stories, as two of my favorites are finally being released in paperback form! First up we have The Green River Killer by Jeff Jensen, the Eisner award winning graphic novel based on the real murderer who terrorized Seattle and killed up to 48 women and children in the 1980’s. It’s a horror book that shies away from cheap scares, instead letting the weight of the crimes sink in a slow burn that will give you chills for days. Also worth noting is the new paperback release of Jules Feiffer’s Kill My Mother, which is a collection of three darkly humorous, pulp inspired murder mysteries. Check out the video above to learn more!


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