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The Perfect Ensembles for the Force Awakens Premiere

The Perfect Ensembles for the Force Awakens Premiere

You’ve been waiting months, years, or even decades for Episode VII to be released and the time has finally come. When The Force Awakens opens on Dec 17th, fans across the globe will gather in force to be reunited with Han Solo, General Leia, and Luke Skywalker. Hopefully you’ve already purchased your tickets and gathered up your friends for a pre-movie celebration. Now for the most important part: what are you going to wear?

Plenty of fans will be cosplaying for the occasion, but for those of us wanting something a bit more subtle, there are more fashion options out there to choose from than ever before. I’ll walk you through some specific ensembles below, but if you want to build your own outfit, think about a few things. Who are you going with? Is this a date? How formal/casual do you want to be? How important is comfort? Do you want to stand out? As always with fashion, your outfit should reflect who you are and what kind of fan you are. Whatever you choose, you’ll be surrounded by your fellow fans, so embrace your inner Sith or Jedi and have fun.

Stormtrooper Chic

Stormtrooper Chic

The new Stormtrooper helmets are simply gorgeous and the classic white and black color scheme of their uniforms lend perfectly to a modern look. Check out this artistic dress from Macys and think about pairing it with a chic blazer from Nordstrom. Add a killer pair of heels like these white booties from Macys and some fun accessories like these earrings from Etsy seller GeekStarCostuming and you’ll have a chic, comfy outfit, perfect for a night out with friends.

The Fabulous Dark Side

Fabulous Dark Side

The shadow of Darth Vader still looms in The Force Awakens and his iconic black costume is perfect for a sleek and sexy look. For a killer date look, get the fabulous new faux leather jacket from Her Universe and pair it with this leather pencil skirt from White House | Black Market. If you really want to embrace the dark side, and your inner supermodel, add these incredible heels from Irregular Choice.

It’s All Academic

Cardigan Chic

If you’re looking for something more comfortable and casual, try this Jedi Knight cardigan from Her Universe with a great pair of jeans, like these denim leggings from NYDJ. Add a comfy, yet space-appropriate pair of Keds and these Jedi Order earrings from JCPenney.

Cute as Can Be

Ewok ensemble

While we don’t yet know if there will be any Ewoks in the new movie, this cute and comfortable outfit will be sure to charm your companions. Pair this Ewok hoodie from Her Universe with a brown A-line corduroy skirt from Nordstroma-line corduroy skirt from Nordstrom and these Mary-Jane style shoes from Naturalizer.

BB-8: Rolling with StyleBB-8 ensemble

We’ve barely seen him in action, but BB-8 is already our new favorite droid. Try this BB-8 inspired dress from Gold Bubble Clothing and add an orange bolero. Keep up the orange theme with this great pair of heels from Onex Shoes and you’ve got a sleek, sexy look for the premiere.

Casual Rogue

Casual Han

Han Solo is one of the greatest characters ever put on screen and his iconic outfit is quite simple to recreate in your own fashion. You can dress it up with a skirt and blouse, or if you’re looking for something casual and good for warmer climates, try the “I am Han” shorts and top from We Love Fine and combat boots from Steve Madden. For a little more fun, add a touch of whimsy with this Chewbacca necklace from Etsy seller MissEsAccessories.

Vintage Vamp

Star Wars Vintage Vamp

Finally, if you are looking for an ensemble that will wow everyone in your theatre, pair this stunning corset from Castle Corsetry with this curve-hugging red wiggle dress from Pin Up Girl Clothing. Add some colorful accessories like this yellow fascinator headband from The Village Hat Shop, a pair of blue Mary Janes from Pin Up Girl Clothing and this Jedi Alliance necklace from Etsy seller GirlPowerPendants.

Have your outfit planned already? Let us know what you’re wearing in the comments!

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