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The New Star Trek TV Show: What We Know and What We Want

The New Star Trek TV Show: What We Know and What We Want

Rumors hit the web last week that the upcoming Star Trek series will be set in the original continuity and not in the J.J. Abrams movie universe. reported that the series will supposedly take place just after Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, which places it essentially between the original and Next Generation series.


This is great news for fans who consider Undiscovered Country as one of the franchise’s better movies and who enjoy their Trek with a heavy dose of Klingon treachery. Perhaps most refreshing is the move away from the new Abramsverse, which, while entertaining, contains far too many lens flares and didn’t have the same focus as the original series. (There! I made a lense flare reference; you can cross that off your Star Trek news bingo cards.)

The rumors also say the Bryan Fuller helmed series will not be set on a ship called Enterprise, which makes sense considering the timeline. BirthMoviesDeath also referenced an unnamed source who reportedly claims the new series might follow a seasonal anthology format. This is an interesting concept and many parts of the Star Trek universe we’d like to see explored (some examples below).


So where would we like to see the show set if it hops around the big, giant extended Star Trek universe?


The continuing negotiations with the Klingons in post-Undiscovered Country should be a great backdrop for a ship to continue the standard five year mission of exploring new worlds and new civilizations. What we probably do not want here is any attempt to jump ahead and pre-introduce any of the races or tech from Next Generation and beyond. They did a little of this in Enterprise and it largely did not work. It would also cause some awkward questions about series continuity. “When did they first meet the Ferengi again? Why did Picard act like nobody ever had before?” Of course, there have never been any continuity problems in Star Trek. (Starcasm)


There is certainly something to explore in the world post-Dominion War, with rising tensions all over the Alpha Quadrant and the balance of power constantly shifting. In this era, an interesting story might have a crew whose mission is to restore Starfleet’s mandate of exploration in a time where resources are continually being devoted to armament. This would also be a chance to involve some of the actors from the later series who might still want to grab a combadge and get back into the action.


A season set at Starfleet Academy could exist in almost any time period and explore the growth of a new crew as they separately face the challenges of graduation and come together initially as strangers on a new ship. If there is any attempt to interweave the seasons this could be a jumping off point for multiple characters who are later explored as they participate in the key points of the Federation’s history.


We’re psyched for a Star Trek series to be back on TV again… or more specifically on “CBS All Access,” the network’s online platform. Bryan Fuller (who, many forgot, wrote 22 Voyager episodes) is an amazing choice for showrunner. Recently announced consulting producer Nicholas Meyer (who directed Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan) is another great addition. The creative team behind this show is exceptional and we can’t wait to see where and when they want to take it.

Where and when do you want to see the next Star Trek series set? Are you happy with the rumored setting? What do you not want to see? Let us know in the comments and live long and prosper. 

Images courtesy of Memory Alpha

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