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KRAMPUS is the Scariest Holiday Thing Not Involving Fruitcake

I don’t remember the first time I heard about Krampus; the monster at the center of the whirlwind of winter frost and long nights seems almost as old as time itself. If you are a bad child, he will take you. Lose the spirit of the holidays, and he will find you. Try to escape, and you will only find him – Krampus.

Lumps of coal in hung stockings were the least of your problems back in the day when the duo of Krampus and Santa took to the skies. Some say that the story of the creature is older than that of Saint Nicolas himself. Horns and hooves, a basket to kidnap the bad children; some things never change in the story as it gets passed down from one generation to the next. Now, we get one more twist of the tale with the movie, Krampus, hitting theaters December 4th.

One bad Christmas can really bring you down, but when a boy summons Krampus, he may find that annoying relatives to be the least of his worries. Along with a mythical creature of unimaginable power hunting you down, the trailer showcases some of the other nasties that come along for the ride such as menacing snowmen and a vicious teddy bear who looks like the last thing you want to put in your bed. Get ready to run for your life. Nothing brings a family together like the holidays, but nothing makes you appreciate them as much as trying to escape with your life.

Before you find yourself on the naughty list this season, check out the new trailer for Krampus and get ready to bring a dash of fear to the holiday feast this year. You know – if you can survive Krampus.

Feature Image Source: IMDB/Krampus

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