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The Moments From Last Night’s The Walking Dead That Have Us Freaking Out

The Moments From Last Night’s The Walking Dead That Have Us Freaking Out

There will be several spoilers from season 7 of The Walking Dead ahead. If you aren’t caught up, read on at your own risk!

It’s official. We’ve got one more episode in the first half of season 7 of The Walking Dead. Sunday gave us the penultimate episode before the mid-season hiatus, and the episode has set us up for some pretty intense stuff next week.

We got a good look into Negan’s Sanctuary, his harem, as well as the ruthless way he rules his subjects (still shuddering over that scene with the iron). And while seeing the way the Sanctuary runs day-to-day helped us understand a bit more why someone doesn’t just go rogue and pop a bullet into Negan’s brain, it certainly made the job characters like Sasha, Rosita, Michonne, and Jesus are trying to do seem that much more impossible. So going into that mid-season finale, we’re feeling a bit freaked out for our faves.

There are a lot of questions and concerns circling around Team Alexandria, but these are the top things we’re freaking out over going into next week’s winter finale episode.

Rosita and Michonne–Going Rogue


This episode featured both Rosita and Michonne off on their own, individual quests to destroy Negan. While you can’t blame them, it’s a bit stressful to watch them strike out separate from each other. Rosita forced Eugene to make her a bullet, and Michonne left Alexandria to trap a Savior into taking her to Negan. So what exactly are their plans? What does Rosita intend to do with a bullet, and what is Michonne hoping to accomplish setting out to the Sanctuary alone? Are their plans secretly intertwined, or are they both going rogue on seperate paths to vengeance? The thought of them both setting out on a personal path to get Negan rather than pairing up feels like a mistake. I’m super worried this plan could cause us to lose Michonne and lose Rosita just as her character is getting to really stretch her legs. Be careful, ladies.

What is Jesus Up To?


Speaking of rogue plans, Jesus is also on a recon mission for Sasha. He and Carl stowed away in a truck bound for the Sanctuary, and Jesus is gathering information on their compound and Negan’s living situation for Sasha. We know this plan is being kept from Maggie (at least for now). Since Jesus and Sasha have both been at Hilltop Colony, it’s unlikely they’ve coordinated with Rosita or Michonne in any way.

I can’t help feeling like all of these mini-raids into Sanctuary are mistakes rather than attacking in one, united front. When the episode ended, we left Jesus in the middle of the Sanctuary (right next to Daryl), which means he is now officially surrounded by danger on every side. Jesus is sneaky, but is he going to be able to make it out of the camp alive?

Is Daryl Being Saved?


Daryl saw Jesus roll off the top of the Savior’s truck, and the episode ended with a note being passed to Daryl that said “Go Now” with a couple of supplies taped to the back of the note. It’s safe to assume the note-passer was Jesus, but you never know. Was it Jesus trying to help Daryl escape, was it Dwight finally moved to be a human again, or was it another trick of the Saviors?

Even more concerning, Negan said he’s fairly certain that Daryl is very close to breaking down and joining the Saviors. If Jesus is indeed trying to rescue Daryl, it’s not clear if Daryl will have the presence of mind to go with Jesus. We all know that Daryl is stronger than Negan thinks, but he’s gone through a helluva lot these past weeks. What is waiting for Daryl on the other side of that cell door?

Sing Me a Song


Fans of the comic books knew what was coming this episode, with Carl setting out on his comic book destiny of mowing down Saviors and being taken by Negan. We’re seeing the first glimpses of their bizarre relationship, with Negan forcing Carl to remove his bandage and sing him a song (while Negan swung Lucille around on the other side of the room), then showing Carl around the Sanctuary, and making him watch as he forces a man to take a hot iron to the face. The episode ended with Negan returning Carl to Alexandria unharmed, but Negan is waiting for Rick to return from a supply run to discuss Carl’s violence at Sanctuary.

What is going to happen to Carl? Will Negan kill him? Will he hurt Rick to hurt Carl? Will he beat Carl? Take his other eye? Seeing Negan settled into Alexandria is incredibly stressful, especially since he’s not officially decided what he’s going to do with Carl–if anything. Of course, it’s made worse because of what Negan managed to find when he explored Rick’s home…

Negan Found Judith


The fandom let out a collective gasp when Negan found Judith and immediately picked her up and started cuddling with her. In the final moments of the show, while looking tenderly at Judith, he told Carl that maybe he should kill Rick and Carl and bury them in front of the house. While death threats and threats of violence are nothing new from Negan, it is concerning because Judith is in the picture now.

Does he plan to hurt or kill Judith? Does he want to kill Carl and Rick to raise Judith as his own? Is he just trying to mess with Carl’s head? Whatever the reason, seeing Negan with Judith was probably one of the most stressful, unsettling moments from the show. Rick and Michonne need to get back to take that baby away from Negan. Seriously.

What did you think of the episode? What are you most concerned about going into the winter finale? What are your theories? Let’s talk about them in the comments!

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