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The Internet has Deciphered Pokémon Go’s Appraise Feature

The Internet has Deciphered Pokémon Go’s Appraise Feature

Earlier this month, Niantic released a new feature into the game that none of us play while driving. The appraise feature puts those Gym Leaders to work at last, determining the strength of our Pokémon. To our disappointment, the results are cryptic.

Squirtle 2
Cute?! Just wait until I evolve him! Leave it to Pokémon players all over to compile the information on how to decipher what Candella, Blanch, and Spark tell us. This article translates what’s going on so we can make an educated choice on if Squirtle here gets sent to the Pokémon candy farm or not.

The Quick Version

Let’s cut to the chase; if you only want to keep the absolute best Pokémon, you need only focus on two things, the two statement groupings below. Your team leader will appraise your Pokémon and the FIRST thing they say will be one of these three things:

  • Team Mystic: “Overall, your (Abra) is a wonder! What a breathtaking Pokémon!”
  • Team Valor: “Overall, your (Zubat) simply amazes me. It can accomplish anything!”
  • Team Instinct: “Overall, your (Voltorb) looks like it can really battle with the best of them!”

If it they say none of these things, off to the Pokéfarm your catch goes. After a few taps about individual strengths, they will talk about stats overall, you are looking for one of these three:

  • Team Instinct: “Its stats are the best I’ve ever seen! No doubt about it!”
  • Team Valor: “I’m blown away by it’s stats WOW!”
  • Team Mystic: “Its stats exceed my calculations. It’s incredible!”

Anything other than these three means the Pokémon isn’t living up to its full potential. So when you use your appraise on the fifty Weedles we all have, you’ll know which one to keep. Sometimes the low CP Pokémon are superior to their higher level friends. You’ve just got to pour a bucket of stardust into them to level it up. Pokémon hatched from eggs tend to have better hidden stats, so maybe Team Instinct is onto something.

Hidden IV Values Explained

The serious Pokémon players have known about hidden IV values for years now and Go is no different. There are three stats (attack, defense, and stamina) ranked on a scale of 0 thru 15. These appraisals are the gym leaders telling us the overall score at first, then getting more specific from there. The first line is previewing what’s coming—how good that Pokémon is in each stat from 0 thru 15— higher is better.

Abra 3
After that our gym leaders will make a comment about an individual score, the highest one our catch has.

Abra 2
Now, if they mention more than one this is good, superb even, for your Pokémon. Mentioning all three stats is rare, but remember, this is just mentioning the highest stat—which could be a 3. You won’t know what these means until the next part of the appraisal.

Abra 1
Each gym leader in their own way, will make a comment about overall stats, and it’s the key to deciphering what everything so far means. The highest bar (as shown above) means the Pokémon has a 15 in the stat (or stats) mentioned. If your Pokémon is labeled as one of the best at the start, has an exceptional attack, and amazing stats—you know it’s a keeper. If your Pokémon had all 3 stats mentioned, and it has the most impressive statline—then you’ve found a perfect Pokémon.

Like this Snorlax.

Have you caught an elusive perfect Pokémon? Which Pokémon for you has made Best In Show? Share your screenshots or comments!

Featured Image Credit: Airi
Image Credits: Niantic

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