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The Indie Short Films that Rocked Dragon Con

The Indie Short Films that Rocked Dragon Con

DragonCon is more than just a place to see some epic cosplay. In fact, most fan conventions also have a film festival, playing short and feature films for the convention attendees. This year, the Dragon Con Independent Film Festival screened over 75 films in three days of the con ranging from horror to animated musicals. Short films often only see recognition among the festival circuit so convention festivals are even more important for independent genre films. Check out a few films to come out of the Dragon Con Independent Film Festival 2015.


With stunning visuals and a beautifully told story, “Dust” was perhaps the most breath-taking film of the festival. With unique lead characters and really adorable animal creatures, the filmmakers create a remarkable story of a population isolated within city walls as the world changes around them. The main character must set aside his pain to help save the people from their harsh environment. Currently, the filmmakers are hoping to adapt this 27 minute short into a full-length feature. We can’t wait!


Replika” tells the story of a world where technology far exceeds our own and robots live among the humans. After a couple’s robotic daughter has hardware problems, they must decide how to proceed. The world of this film is simultaneously terrifying and pretty freaking cool. However, the technology of the time is overshadowed by the lack of humanity in the world. This film is not only gorgeous, but also tells a captivating story. Keep an eye out for the full film!

Happy Fun Room

This post-apocalyptic film follows the host of a kid’s show as she struggles with the harshness of the real world. Throughout the film, she struggles with explaining the difficult reality to the children while also acting continuously happy and as if nothing is wrong. How much should we really tell kids about the bad things happening in the world? This film examines that struggle. Talk about depressing. Watch “Happy Fun Room” above.

Savant: Kali 47

Savant: Kali 47” is basically a badass steampunk music video. In just a few minutes, the spectacular effects paired with music sets the scene for a bar fight like you’ve never seen before. Using no dialog, the characters manage to move the story along with their facial expressions alone. You’ll be pretty impressed with this one. Check out the full video above.

The Shaman

The Shaman” is a beautiful and dark short film set in 2204. The world has been in constant war for over 70 years and Shamans become weapons of war, tracking and converting the souls of their opponents. The film follows a single Shaman as he tries to convert a dangerous opponent and help conclude the never-ending war.

Seen any awesome short films lately? Share with us in the comments!

Featured Image Credit: Replika / Facebook

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