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The Hunger Games Everyday Cosplay

The Hunger Games Everyday Cosplay

With the final installment of The Hunger Games here, we’re about to have a Mockingjay-sized hole in our hearts. What are we supposed to do without a new Hunger Games movie to look forward to? But before you get too sad, singing a mournful round of “The Hanging Tree”, let’s focus on our excitement of Mockingjay Part II finally hitting theaters. Whether you’re seeing the movie at a midnight showing, you’re seeing it the next day, or you’re waiting a bit, you’ve got to dress for the occasion. While you can go all out and rock some awesome Effie Trinket or Caesar Flickerman cosplay, maybe you want to keep things more chill when you go to bid adieu to Katniss and her fellow District 13 rebels. I’ve got you covered with some solid everyday cosplay outfits, inspired by some of our faves from The Hunger Games series. May the cosplay odds be ever in your favor.

President Coin

Everyday President Coin
If you’re going to dress like a character from Mockingjay, why not get presidential? Coin’s style is pretty simple as she spends her time leading a rebellion rather than dwelling on fashion choices. Coin sticks to District 13’s uniform of gray everything (even gray hair), but still manages to look amazing despite the minimalist style. Whether you want to go for the cape look she’s rocking in Mockingjay Part II, or go with her more informal jacket look, you’ll definitely feel like you can take over the Capitol.

President Snow

Everyday President Snow
If you want to look presidential, but you still want some color in your life, try channeling President Snow. While he’s got a bigger evil streak in him than Coin, you have got to admit that the man has style without going totally overboard (at least overboard in fashion) like most residents of the Capitol. You can really drive home the look by wearing a white rose on your lapel.

Effie Trinket

Everyday Effie Trinket
Effie’s look is a tough one to translate into everyday life, as part of what makes it so special and quintessentially Effie is her outrageous fashion choices. So I picked one of my favorite Effie outfits and toned it down just a tad for everyday life. Extra points for doing an Effie-style updo with some classic, gaudy Capitol makeup.


Everyday Haymitch

Haymitch’s style is easily somewhere between “sleepy college student” and “hungover and hating life”. Actually, knowing Haymitch’s story, that “hungover and hating life” thing is pretty spot on… Regardless, Haymitch’s style isn’t one of flash. It’s definitely a style focused on comfort and convenience, which is perfect for standing in a long line outside of a movie theater.

Rebel Peeta/Gale

Everyday Rebel Peeta/Gale

Now that our faves are fighting the good fight against the Capitol, they’re clothes are reflecting that change. Most of the characters in Mockingjay Part II are dressed in rebel soldier outfits, so this basic black look can easily work for Peeta or Gale. Of course, if you want to make sure people know whether you’re representing #TeamPeeta or #TeamGale, you can have a crazed look in your eye and play “real or not real” for Peeta, and have a revenge-hungry look in your eye and mutter plans about revolution and silver parachutes for Gale.

Rebel Katniss

Everyday Rebel Katniss Everdeen

You can’t have a Hunger Games post without mentioning the Mockingjay herself, right? Channel her rebel style with this all-black getup (and a mockingjay pin to match, because of course). Extra points for implementing the Katniss braid. Just be sure to practice your Mockingjay call, and keep your distance from anyone cosplaying Peeta…

What are your premiere plans for Mockingjay Part II? Will you be dressing up? Let me know your plans in the comments, and be sure to check us out on Polyvore for more everyday cosplay fun.  

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