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The Humble Bundle Explodes with Awesome Licensed RPGs

The Humble Bundle Explodes with Awesome Licensed RPGs

Fans looking to expand their RPG libraries with electronic PDF books can do so very cheaply. DriveThruRPG just wrapped up their big Halloween sale. Bundle of Holding offers weekly inexpensive collections of entire RPG lines or games related by a common theme. Even the original bundle site, Humble Bundle, has dipped their toes into RPG PDF sales for Pathfinder and Vampire:The Masquerade.

Those sales may be in the past, but Humble Bundle is offering another massive that puts plenty of PDFs on the donor’s tablet while dropping some bucks in charity pockets. Instead of one big game line, this bundle pulls together several games licensed from popular books with millions of fans. We discuss each franchise, the games included in the bundle and what other fandoms might enjoy the books or be able to run games of their fandom with the games in the bundle.

Atomic Robo

The Book: Atomic Robo is a webcomic from Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener that follows the adventures of a Nikola Tesla built robot and his action scientist pals as they punch bad guys, crack wise, and use science to protect the world from bad guys like the immortal brain-in-a-jar Helsingard and the chaotic Dr. Dinosaur.

The Game: The RPG runs on a version of Fate Core developed by Mike Olson where characters prioritize four skill groups: Action, Banter, Intrigue, Science, and customize characters as you play. The game also featured brainstorming rules where players compete to come up with a theory behind whatever science oddity the GM thinks up during a session.

Great for fans ofHellboy, Ghostbusters, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai

The Dresden Files

The Books: This series of novels written by Jim Butcher centers on Harry Dresden, a private investigator in Chicago that gets caught up in supernatural mysteries because he also happens to be a wizard. His cases inevitably get him mixed up with problems that he handles with a mix of quick wits, dark humor, and the occasional fireball spell.

The Game: Another game running off the Fate rules set; this version offers a slightly more complex yet robust version of fate allowing a group of vampires, wizards and other creatures of the night. The game also offers great rules for creating a modern city featuring messed up power dynamics which can be applied to almost any other urban fantasy game.

Great for fans of: World of Darkness, True Blood, Vampire Diaries

The Laundry Files

The Books: These Charles Stross books set up a secret history of the world featuring elements from Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. The title refers to the unofficial name of the agency which trains its agents to deal with the creatures and technology created by the Great Old Ones.

The Game: This game uses the same underlying system as the classic Call of Cthulhu to allow players not just fight Cthulhu, but also the crushing bureaucracy of government work. The same system also opens up adventures from the original game to be used with The Laundry RPG very easily.

Great for fans of: The X-Files, The Office, Men In Black


The Books: What started out as a way to tell a heist story in a fantasy backdrop evolved into a dark fantasy romance featuring wizards that use metallurgy as a way to cast their spells.

The Game: Crafty Games published this adventure game as their first non-d20 adaptation, working closely with the author to produce exclusive content. Each book features an exclusive story set in the world and the company also is working on more games in the setting.

Great for fans of: Ocean’s Eleven, Penny Dreadful, Sherlock Holmes

A Song of Ice And Fire

The Books: The series that brought high intrigue and low fantasy to HBO and continued the evolution of fantasy out of the library and into pop culture. The books tell the story of the battle to take the crown of Westeros.

The Game: Players are given a chance to create their own House together which sets the stage for the scheming characters to rub elbows with the characters from the series. Younger characters have more luck while older characters have more skill.

Great for fans of: The Lion In Winter, King Lear, Dune


Have you played any of the games in this bundle? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Feature Image Credit: TOR/Mistborn

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