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Of Course This Collection Of Awesome Adult Coloring Books Includes A Doctor Who One

Of Course This Collection Of Awesome Adult Coloring Books Includes A Doctor Who One

Adult coloring books are clogging up the New York Times and Amazon best-seller lists, and are sold in practically every store ever. Why are people loving these books so much? It’s a bizarre fad, to say the least, but coloring books are doing the same things crossword puzzles or Sudokus do for other people–well, sort of.

Coloring books are stress relievers, and they’re a way to pass time without turning to a screen. More than that, they’re a creative outlet. Whether you’re a great artist or not doesn’t matter. After all, you don’t need artistic skill to color in a picture, right? It’s a bizarre and silly sounding fad, but relieving stress and allowing a calming outlet for creativity is totally a real thing. Of course, a great deal of the adult coloring books on the market today are kind of flowery.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that, but how many adult coloring books can you buy that have a page packed to the gills with tiny, intricate flowers? What about something that employs your geeky faves alongside your new favorite hobby of coloring? Turns out, there are a few pretty fantastic coloring books out there that can help you get creative and relieve stress while also letting your geek flag fly.

Alice’s Nightmare in Wonderland

alice nightmare

Image credit: Snowbooks Ltd.

Fairy tales are great, but there is something truly twisted and special about a fairy tale that gets turned on its head a bit. Based on Jonathan Green’s choose your own adventure book of the same name, you can color images of what happened to Alice if she had chosen slightly different paths during her time in Wonderland. If you’re into a more traditional journey into Wonderland there’s a book for you, but Alice’s Nightmare is perfect for those who like their fairy tales with a side of twisted.

The Official Game of Thrones Coloring Book

GoT Coloring Book

Image credit: Random House Publishing Group

Never has the scandalous, gory events of Westeros been so much fun. Whether you’re more a fan of the books or the HBO show, you’ll love getting to bring your favorite (and not-so-favorite) characters and places to life. Be sure to bring lots of red pencils for the blood and plenty of blue for your tears.

Also, you’re welcome for not including an “all men must draw” pun.

Sherlock: The Mind Palace

sherlock coloring book

Image credit: Harper Design

There is no better way to enter one’s mind palace than with the help of coloring book pages and colored pencils. This coloring book is the official BBC coloring book companion to Sherlock and is perfect if you’ve been left feeling a bit lost after “Abominable Bride.” This book is loaded with drawings of the cast and scenes from the show, and is a great way to show your creativity and maybe solve a few murders. You know, wherever the colored pencils takes you.

Harry Potter: The Coloring Book

Harry Potter Coloring Book

Image credit: Scholastic Inc.

The Harry Potter saga is filled with beautiful and magical locations. Whether you’ve entered the wizarding world through the films, or you’ve only imagined the magical world of Hogwarts and beyond from the books, this coloring book is for you. You can bring your favorite scenes from the series to life, and re-live some of the best moments from the series as you color. The book covers scenes from the first book to the last, so regardless of which of the seven books is your favorite, there’s a page or two in here for you. Accio coloring book!

Doctor Who Coloring Book

Who Coloring Book

Image credit: Penguin Young Readers Group

This is the only book on my list that hasn’t released just yet. This book will hit stores on February 23, and I cannot WAIT. The Whovian universe is so diverse and vast, there are loads of ways to express your creativity onto scenes from your favorite parts of Doctor Who. Whether you’re coloring Daleks, the TARDIS, or Cybermen; this coloring book is the perfect way to be creative, relieve stress, and generally contemplate the vastness of the universe until a madman in a box comes to whisk you away. Allons-y!

Do you have an adult coloring book? Do you find it helps you keep calm and express your creativity, or is it just a fun hobby? Have you found a geeky adult coloring book that you love? Tell us all about it in the comments!


Image credit: Lea Latumahina/

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