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The Guild : Game On

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Codex: Felicia Day

Zaboo: Sandeep Parikh

Vork: Jeff Lewis

Clara: Robin Thorsen

Tinkerballa: Amy Okuda

Bladezz: Vincent Caso

Produced by Felicia Day & Kim Evey

Directed & Edited by Sean Becker & Kim Evey

Song Produced by: Jason C. Miller

Song Co-Produced by: Jamison Boaz and Russell Ali

Mixed by: Jamison Boaz

Music by: Jason C. Miller, Jamison Boaz and Russell Ali

Lyrics by: Felicia Day and Sandeep Parikh

Live Percussion by: Maulik Zaveri


“Real Life”: David Mattey

Zaboo Stunt Double: Victor Lopez

Dancers: Adam Ackerman, Charity Baroni, Marissa Cuevas, Gerald Espinosa, Anthony Gonzales, Marcelin Jurbina, Julie Koehler, Ashlee Malyar, Guy Nemer, Kenneth Rivera

Extras: Jamie Kale, Grant Kimura, America Young

Clara’s Pool Boy: Stephen Ayers

Surprised Thug: Jason C. Miller

Thugs: Jamison Boaz, Austin Coppock, Jeffrey Damnit, Derek Jones, George Rockwell, Thom Williams


Line Producer: Gabe Uhr

Director of Photography/Colorist: Chris Darnell

1st AD: Ryan Lacen

2nd AD: Andrew Seely

Key PA: Milana Vayntrub

PA’s: Jonathan Higgins, Jase Lindgren, Kris Swain, Ben Terrill

1st AC: Emily Ibarra

B Camera Op: Vahae Papazyan

C Camera Op: Barry Gribble

Sound: Greg Benson

Audio playback / PA: Andrew Cichowski

DIT: Gabe Uhr

Production Designer: Greg Aronowitz

Art Director: Bryan Fulk

Art Dept: Nick Carmichael, Mazin Dajani, Alina Khanjian, Amber Sinne

Costume Designer: Michele Dunn

Assistant Costume Designer : Kristin Ingram

2nd Assistant Costume: Michelle Fitzsimmons

Wardrobe Assistant: Sinead Mahoney

Choreographers: Chantal Robson, Erica Robson

Fight Choreographer/Stunt Coordinator: Thom Williams

Gaffer: Rob Grower

Best Boy Electric : Jeremy Mennel

Dolly Grip Sarah Schulte

Swing G&E: Justin Rettke, Terry Lin, Aaron Fairley, Brian Corral

Makeup: Jennifer Jackson & Ashley Joybeck

Catering:Boyz in the Kitchen

Craft Services: Jay Matteo, Denise Pantoja

Intern: Robert Burns

EPK/Behind-the-Scenes: Brian Kameoka

Site Rep: Travis Oates


Brotherhood Pictures

Distant Thunder Films

David Calderon

“Game On” Lyrics

Boot up, embrace the feeling

The start button is the portal to your being

Turn on, it’s a pleasure device

Game with me, the ultimate spice

I promise you it won’t ever be dull

In a world you’re all powerful

I’ll buff you, don’t be afraid

It’s Tuesday night, Let’s do this raid!

Game On! Is it immature?

Game On! I’m insecure

Game On! Don’t g-quit on me!

Game On! We got keyboard chemistry


I feel so much shame

I get dissed for saying that I game

No one understands

Why I’m living in a fantasy land

In-game you’ve got cool hair

Go from slumdog to a millionaire

Level up, Feel the bliss

Forward slash, Almost kiss

Game On! Invite sent!

Game On! Hop on Vent!

Game On! Say it proud!

Game On! Screw the crowd!

Game On! No one else to please!

Game On! I’ll press your hot keys!

Game On! There’s no disgrace.

Go to hell real life I’ll punch you in the face!


Game on! Game on! Game on! Game on!

Game on! Game on! Game on! Game on!

Game On! Steal my breath!

Game On! No perma-death!

Game On! Don’t resist!

Game On! Give that bulb a twist

Internet sabhi desh ko jodataa hai (The internet connects all nations)

Frustration nikalanekaa raastaa hai (Provides a outlet for all frustrations)

ONLINE GAMING may kuchh buraa nahi Hai (Nothing wrong with online gaming)

Us Vichhar CONTROL-ALT-DELETE” (Control-Alt-Delete that feeling)

I’ll admit, when we party it sizzles

Won’t let the spell fizzle

Grab the reigns, don’t re-roll

Point and click, take control!

Game On! No disrespect!

Game On! We’re not rejects!

Game On! No remorse!

This is a feeling you can’t outsource!

Game On! Invite sent!

Game On! I’m on Vent!

Game On! Never g-quit on me!

Game On! We’ve got keyboard chemistry.

Game On! Game On! Game On! Game Onnnnnnnnn….

“Game On” is brought to you by Knights of Good Productions, the same company that brought you the hit song & video “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar” by Felicia Day and Jed Whedon.

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