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The Guild Everyday Cosplay

The Guild Everyday Cosplay

Cosplay is great, and offers fans a fun and unique way to express their fandom love. The thing is, everyday isn’t Comic-Con, and sometimes it just isn’t practical to head to work in a head-to-toe suit of armor based on your favorite Skyrim character. Of course, geeks have never been one to let something as trivial as social norms stop us from expressing our fandom. Thus the rise of everyday cosplay (also called closet cosplay), offering geeks, nerds, and fans the option to dress as their favorite character, but inconspicuously. So I’ve compiled a variety of everyday cosplay looks based on the in-game characters we’ve come to love from the webseries created by our fearless leader, Felicia Day: The Guild. Cosplay’d.


This look is perfect for Guildies who value honor, good, and thriftiness.

Everyday Vork



Clara’s not like a regular mom. She’s a cool mom.

Everyday Clara



Tink doesn’t mess around, in game or out of game. This look is perfect for those wanting to channel the confidence of The Game’s meanest archer.

Everyday Tinkerballa



While you won’t have the fashion acumen of Finn Smulders, dressing as a casual Bladezz is a great way to show your Guildie pride. Just maybe avoid starting an offensive macro in the Trading House.

Everyday Bladezz



This look is perfect for raids while also looking fine for your special lady. Let’s just hope you understand social cues from her a bit better than Zaboo did…

Everyday Zaboo



She might lack confidence out of game, but not in-game. Dressed as in-game Codex, you’ll not only have her confidence and swagger, but you might also find your hair more naturally wavy.

Everyday Codex


Who is your favorite Guildie? Have you ever done ever done The Guild everyday cosplay? Tell us about it in the comments, and be sure to check us out on Polyvore


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