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The Greatest Sidekicks Made of Metal

The Greatest Sidekicks Made of Metal

The best heroes in the world have a sidekick to back them up, and the best sidekicks usually end up saving their heroic partner on the regular. While there are certainly some marvelous human sidekicks out there, some of the coolest sidekicks out there are made out of metal. Their skin may be cold and their insides made be elaborate circuitry, but these robot pals prove themselves to be completely invaluable to their human counterparts. They are lovable, and they even seem to feel love themselves. These bots are some of the most loyal, inventive, and quick-thinking sidekicks any hero could ask for, so it’s time we take some time to commemorate their awesomeness.

C-3PO (Star Wars)

Threepio may not be the bravest robot companion out there, but no one in the world could ever doubt his devotion to his job. What makes Threepio awesome is that he’s smart, he’s savvy, and even though he just wants to live a quiet life of a common protocol droid, he will–however begrudgingly–put himself in harm’s way to help his friends. He’s also not above letting a race of tiny, hooded, teddy bear creatures believe that he is a god.

Marvin (Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)

Marvin is the overly depressed robot we meet within the pages of Douglas Adams’ book The Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy. Marvin spends the majority of his time in Adams’ story being generally downtrodden and filled with a general sense of dread about every single aspect of his life. Despite everything, Marvin still manages to pull himself up and do what he can to help get the job done. Marvin is darkly hilarious, and one of my personal favorite robot sidekicks out there. Also, in the 2005 film adaptation, Marvin was voiced by Alan Rickman. That fact alone makes him one of my favorite robots ever.

R2-D2 (Star Wars)

Artoo may be a small droid, but don’t let that fool you. R2-D2 is brave, he is loyal, and he is one of the key reasons that the rebels were able to defeat Palpatine and the Galactic Empire. Fans everywhere love R2-D2, despite the fact that he never once uttered a word in a discernible language. Still, Artoo was one of the snarkiest characters in all of Star Wars. Everyone could use a companion like R2-D2 in their lives, amirite?

KITT (Knight Rider)

I could think of no better robot companion than a mix of an eighties fabulous car and Mr. freaking Feeny. Yes, KITT is voiced by William Daniels, the same actor who brought us our favorite teacher, Mr. Feeny. While KITT isn’t as much of a pedagogue as Feeny was, KITT always managed to be there for Michael Knight as he fought crime. Even better, KITT could always be counted on to keep Michael grounded with that KITT-brand snark.

Baymax (Big Hero 6)

Baymax may not be metal, technically, but he’s still the best robot sidekick anyone could ask for–especially since he’s basically a giant doctor. Baymax is brave, shares our love of cats, and won’t stop his work until the patient is satisfied with their care. Also, if the scene where Baymax’s batteries are low doesn’t warm your heart, you might be the robot, and not the names on this list.

K-9 (Doctor Who)

Speaking of doctors, K-9 manages to be the loyal companion to the Doctor himself–the Time Lord from Gallifrey. A robotic dog, K-9 manages to manage to be man’s best friend while also being a formidable robot himself. The loyalty of an actual dog mixed with the laser-shooting and tech of a deadly robot, K-9 proves time and time again to be the handiest thing the Doctor can bring with him next to his sonic screwdriver.

Bender (Futurama)

Bender is a bit of a lecherous robot, one that suffers the vices of a human man. Bender is a complicated bot, as he’s staunchly and vocally anti-human. However, to those lucky few humans who find a place on his “do not kill” list, Bender does prove to be a loyal–though an epic smartass–companion. And, despite his rough exterior, he even occasionally shows his friends his softer side.

Data (Star Trek)

Data was a Soong-type android who worked on the USS Enterprise–the only Soong-type android the enter the Starfleet. Despite being a robot, Data worked incredibly hard on the Enterprise, and he had a huge sense of loyalty for his crewmembers, giving the ultimate sacrifice to save his friends. In addition to his loyalty, Data is one of the most quotable characters from the Enterprise. If it wasn’t for his slightly unnaturally pale appearance, it might be easy to confuse him for an actual human.

Hymie (Get Smart)

While Data bears a striking resemblance to humanity in his actions and nothing else, Hymie is sort of the exact opposite. Hymie looks like an everyday man, but his internal server causes him to be an incredibly literal, often unintentionally destructive android. Initially created by the evil spy organization KAOS, Hymie ultimately decides to join the good guys–CONTROL–after Agent 86, Maxwell Smart, treats Hymie like an actual human. Because androids have feelings too, y’all.

Who are some of your favorite robot sidekicks, and why do you love them? Let’s talk bots in the comments!

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